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In The Locker Room: Weekend Recap 9.21.15

In The Locker Room: Weekend Recap 9.21.15

High School
I always tell people that I absolutely love what I am doing with youth sports and high school sports. So was the case this past weekend when I watched Davis Mills lead GAC to a victory over Hapeville. Just as all the teams there are a lot of players that I know on both sides of the field. One in particular I have always been hard on when it comes to grading is Davis Mills. We rated him behind two other Quarterbacks when he was coming out of 8th Grade and one of the other QB’s is Bailey Hockman from McEachern, yes he is struggling a bit but that is because he has a lot of injuries on his team right now with key players. Back on topic, let’s talk about Davis. He has always been text book, he looks like he can teach a class on his mechanics. We always gave him a hard time about playing well in the big games and he took that step this past Friday night again Hapeville Charter. Hapeville defense was only giving up 8 points a game. All Davis did was come into their stadium and drop 3 passing touchdowns and 1 rushing touchdown. Yes we know it won’t be the biggest game of the year for him but it is the biggest game he has played in for the season (besides Benedictine early this year) and now that he is the MAN for the GAC offense then the Spartans offensive success begins and ends with the success of Davis Mills. He deserves all the recognition he receiving right now because he has earned it. Simply put Davis Mills is the real deal

Davis Mills is the QB for the team in Blue

Atlanta Ducks vs Atlanta Vikings
It was a lot of hype around the game and maybe it was well deserved, who knows. If we are talking strictly football then you recognized that you had two very successful programs but they are both going in different directions. The Vikings are rebuilding, they will get back to their high level of play as a program but as of right now they are a year away. The Atlanta Ducks are rolling right now with the way they are playing from 7U – 10U. With four teams playing well from a FOOTBALL point we already knew the outcome but it was good to see a great crowd for those kids to play in front of as a new rivalry has been started as I am sure it will be better matchup in the coming years.

8th Grade
Pebble brook vs Campbell
What was thought to be a great matchup for the ages turned out to be a domination by Pebblebrook. Ali Fard put on a show as he help lead his team to a victory over their rivals.

9U Division
Smyrna vs Kennesaw
In what had to be the most shocking game of the day was how Smyrna was able to go into Kennesaw and come out with an easy victory. Last year Kennesaw had arguably one of the best players in the country. With his family relocating we knew it would be difficult for the coaching staff to rebound as the former player was so much of the offense and defense. With the new additions they had we thought that just maybe they could still play at a high level. Well one thing that you can count on is change is going to happen whether you like it or not and in this case it did. Smyrna got a whole lot better and Kennesaw still hasn’t adjust to yet. The out come was a big victory for Smyrna. I still say Smyrna has one of the best coaching staffs in the southeast.

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