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In The Locker Room: Weekend Recap

In The Locker Room: Weekend Recap

By: Alex Benson

High School
You know the more and more I watch the Roswell Hornets the more I believe that they have a chance to be special. Everyone knows about their defense and of course their running game led by sensational RB Sheldon Evans but its what Quintarius Neely is doing on a weekly basis that is what is making Roswell special. He has full command of his offense and most importantly he is not turning the ball over which allows that running game to continually move the ball and also it makes sure that stellar defense is not in a bad position when they take the field. I said it at the beginning of the year on my weekly segment on the Mitch Evans Experience show on Talk Sports Radio 92.9 The Game and I will say it again. Roswell should easily win the state championship as long as Neely is playing at a high level.

Mays against Creekside is a startling game. Two ways to look at is that Mays is that good and of course we have to start talking about Randrecous Davis as being the player of the year and also what in the world is going on with Creekside defense. Two weekends in a row a team has hung 40 on them, they are going to have to fix that defense quickly or it will start to become a trend that is going to be hard to stop.

Milton 8th grade team is a throwback team who might arguably be one of the best teams in the country. They can play anyway you want to play. This past weekend they made a team that has averaged 40 points a game look like just another team. They have a Turman Award candidate in Jack Rhodes, they have a coach that could have easily won Coach of the Year. What makes them scary is the development of Paul Tchio. The 6’3 264lb DT is putting in work at the 2/3 technique. He is one of the main reasons Milton can run a 4-3 look with a Jack as a rover. Miltons starting defense still hasn’t given up a touchdown yet. Their is only one team in the GMSAA that can give them a go at it and it seems like it will be Hillgrove led by Turman Award candidate and #1 ranked player in the country QB Harrison Bailey but that matchup is a ways down the road in the GMSAA Championship game IF they make it.

With the Atlanta Ducks 10U Division team it seems like we don’t talk about them enough but the truth is they are going for history. The reality is before they are said and done they will probably be the best team in B2C History and they will have well over the 15 D1 scholarship signees that Welcome All (2011) and North Henry (2009) produced. Hats have to off to Coach Morton who has made it a point to challenge his team to be better everytime they step on the field.

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