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Jalen Perry and Mekhail Bethea


For years Born To Compete has had a chance to watch Jalen Perry and Mekhail Bethea  This dynamic duo, on the football field and on the basketball court have been dominate year in and year out. Playing for the Dacula Falcons Youth football team they accumulated multiple GFL Championships. In the GBL they have done the same with the Dacula Falcons basketball team. Now they go into their final season of youth sports as one of the top teams in the state of Georgia as their Dacula Falcons basketball team is ranked #3 with plans of not only wining the Gwinnett Middle School Championship but also with plans to end the season ranked #1. Check out our conversation with these two straight “A” making, swag having, student athletes from Dacula.

B2C: Who is your favorite player in the league right now?
Mekhail: Damian Lillard, I love the way he plays. He is a great leader, not selfish and he is clutch
Jalen: Lebron James, he is the best. He can score at will but he also knows how to get his team involved. He is a winner.

B2C: If a recruiter was reading this interview how would you describe your game to him?
Jalen: In the past I was always a good scorer but I think this year I have taken my game to a different level. I am able to score inside and outside and I know how to pick my shots so not to put my team in a bind. At this point now with my overall play I honestly believe that I can take over a game if my team needs me to.
Mikhail: My game is to get everyone involved and do whatever it takes for the win. I can share the ball, run the offense and score. What I am liking most about my game is my calmness when the moment gets big. I like to say have the clutch gene.

B2C: What was your most memorable game?
Mekhail: Last year in the the GBL semifinals, it was a great game. Our opponent pushed us into overtime and they gave us everything they had. It was a great team win and to see one of my big guys Jaden Brown balling meant a lot to me. I really think that he is going to be one of the best big men in the country by his junior year in high school.
Jalen: Yeah he is going to be a beast!
Mekhail: Plus B2C gave me the Gatorade Player of the Game so that was pretty cool as well.

Jalen: My game would probably be the championship last year in the GBL for 7th Grade. It was just so great that our hard work had paid off and we were able to walk away with another championship. It was one of our best games as a team as we were clicking on all cylinders. Plus I got Gatorade Player of the Game.

B2C: Do you understand the will to win? What makes you want to win, why do you think you guys win so much?
Jalen: It’s just the ultimate belief in each other. I know that even if the game is close we are going to win. We have been playing together since we were 3 years old so our chemistry is really good.
Mekhail: Yeah when we are on the court together we know exactly what he is going to do. It’s not just me and Jalen though, it’s a complete team effort and I have been in so many great games with my crew that I just honestly couldn’t see us losing because we have always come through as a team

B2C: I want both of you to describe each others game
Mekhail: Not a problem, Jalen is the ultimate scorer. He seriously reminds me of Kevin Durant because he can score from anywhere on the court. Then he rebounding and defense is key because he makes a serious effort to get those things done.
Jalen: Mekhail is a great leader. He can do whatever needs to be done. He can give you 18 points and 8 assists. It doesn’t matter to him. I could honestly say that he is a true point guard and whatever the situation I am very positive that he is going to put us in a great position to win the game.

B2C: Currently you guys are ranked #3 in the state, what are your thoughts on that?
Mekhail: It’s an honor to be ranked in the state of Georgia because there is so much good basketball here.
Jalen: I agree, we work very hard and for our hard work to be recognize we think it is great.

B2C: Do you feel you guys should be ranked higher?
Mekhail: We are competitors so of course we would like to be #1 but thats something that will take care of itself as we go through the season. We have a very good league that we are in so we have to take care of business here first and then we can make that argument.

B2C: What if at the end of the season we had a tournament of champions, do you guys think you would come out on top
Jalen: Making predictions can be a bit much but I can say that I believe that Coach Jason is a great coach and will have us ready with a great game plan. I believe that my teammates would be up for the challenge and I know for sure that we would be prepared to play given that opportunity.

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