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Kerington and Kennedy Larkins – Stephenson Twin Powers

Kerington Larkins and Kennedy Larkins have been key contributors to the #1 ranked Stephenson Middle School team. They have literally tore through the season without any hiccups and against top competition they have literately jumped out on them so fast the other team is in catchup mode for the rest of the game.

Of course these two have been playing with each other since they could walk or for the sake of this conversation, bounce a ball. Both are huge fans of Maya Moore and it’s funny as both of them together help make up a game that is very similar to the WNBA star. Kerington is more of the defensive genius as she goes all and ask her sister Kennedy she is one of the best defensive players in the state. Kennedy on the other side is a monster on the offensive side of the ball. She is a ball of pure energy that looks to score at will in multiple ways. When both are on the court at the same time as it is almost unfair as the twins have admitted to being able to run plays that there own teammates don’t even know as they may do a slight signal to each other and execute the play to help their team out.

Finding out they were ranked #1 in the B2C Polls is something that they recognize and appreciate. Kerington and Kennedy both agree that their team success is a direct reflection of their leader Coach Johnson and how hard she works to prepare her girls for game day. Now with the season starting to wind down and the playoffs on the horizon then the twins expect Coach Johnson to keep the Jaguars focused on the goal ahead and that is to come away with the Dekalb County Middle School Championship.

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