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The Locker Room

This will be a new article posted weekly by Alex.  Through his travels around the state and the country he gets a chance to see a lot of youth and high school sports and this is just the view through his eyes.

b2chighschool4High School

Forsyth Central vs Kell
This weekend I had a chance to see a lot of football as I do every weekend.  Doing the B2C High School Mic’d up segment on NBC (11Alive) has always given me a chance to stay connected with the youth athletes we have had a chance to see play at a young age, grown into the player that we all believe they will become.  The game I had this past weekend was no different as I watched Forsyth Central take on Kell.  Both teams believed in their philosophy and they stuck with it.  The Kell Longhorns would eventually jump out to a big lead, Forsyth would come back to tie the game up but when Kell finally made the adjustments they needed to make with their play calling on 3rd down they were good to go and put two more in the end zone to win the game.

Youth Sports

greshamlogoForsyth Paladins vs Gresham Park Rattlers – 11U Division
This was a matchup between two very good teams that have a lot of work to do.  Both have the talent and the coaches that can get it done but they still have to adjust to playing 11U football.  Gresham seems to have made the adjustment first as that loss to North Henry actually helped them as you can tell.  The have made a adjustment in the backfield with a personnel change and with that change they have implemented the shotgun and the jet sweep.  So those little wrinkles even though they aren’t really passing the ball yet the coaches understand that you can’t just play bully ball and try to go three yards and a cloud of dust.  It just doesn’t work at 11U not because the kids can’t do it but it is because the lineman start to play better at that age group.  Gresham would end up winning the game.

dacula_falconsDacula vs Buford – 8th Grade
For Dacula being the #1 ranked team in the state is hard because you are going to get everyones best and getting the best from Buford makes it extra hard as those coaches know what they are doing up there.  I always saw this as a trap game fro Dacula because it is the week before they play Grayson so it’s natural for the kids to be excited about the following week, so this would mess with their preparation as you could see that as when they got in the redone multiple times they couldn’t punch it in.  Credit also has to be give to Buford because they are so sound with their technique it like watching poetry in motion for us football purest.  The Wolves put up a great fight but the safety in the late quarter would dash their hopes of knocking off the Dacula Falcons.  Dacula would end up winning the game

vikingshornAtlanta Vikings vs Welcome All Black – 7U Division
This might have been one of the better games I have ever seen for this age group.  Their was quality football all over the field from offense to defense to coaching and parent participation.  What the Vikings showed me as that they are now champions.  To win a game when you are outplayed say’s something and that is no disrespect to the Vikings at all.  The entire game everything seemed to be going Welcome All way but when it became crunch time or as I like to say when it became BIG GAME READY time the Vikings made plays including a game winning TD pass to help them win the game 12-7.  Welcome All Black has a great team but two things they are going to have to learn.  You must play the entire game and also to not let the MOMENT get to big for you.  Late in the game I saw arguing on the sideline which cost the Panthers dearly but those are things that they can fix as they get in more big time games.  I look for this team to do damage as the season goes on.

panther_logo_smallWelcome All Panthers vs GA Heat
GA Heat are good but Welcome is better.  They have a RB in #8 that can run the rock.  He is big and physical.  If they don’t get low on that young man he will make you pay and even though the GA Heat did not back down from hitting the big RB you can tell it took it’s toll on the GA Heat late in the game.  When the rankings come out Welcome All will probably be ranked the #1 team in the state and it is well deserved.  GA Heat are going to be good at the end of the year but this was their first time playing the Welcome All Blue Machine and they will be better for it.

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