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How to Stay Hydrated and Cool During Summer Practice

It is the summer time! There are only a few weeks left before school starts…which means that it is time to start football practice.  Making a great impression to your coaches is very important at this stage, especially if you are battling for the top position. 

Talent will only take you as far as your body will let you.  Staying hydrated and cool during practice is one of the key factors to overall physical health.

Youth Athletes

As stated in our previous article, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, “The food that you intake provides your body with the necessary nutrients to get through the day.”  Drink plenty of water the day before practice, and during the entire season to help keep your body’s core temperature at a normal level.  Sugars, caffinated drinks such as sodas, and salty drinks do nothing by dehydrate your body.  Eat plenty of lean meats, fruits, and vegetables to make sure that your body is where it needs to be.


Coaches must monitor the weather to determine if the conditions are safe to have practice.  Provide your team with plenty of water and breaks to give your youth athlete’s body the time that it needs to recover. 


Parents play a very important role in the health of our youth athletes.  Be observant and make sure that your child has everything that they need in order to stay healthy.  Provide water for them to drink on the way home from practice, along with fruits and vegetables.

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