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Pat the Roc partners with Born to Compete

ATLANTA, GA — It’s Official!  Born to Compete, the best source for youth sports, has partnered with Pat the Roc, the world’s greatest basketball handler to provide motivational quotes and basketball tips.

So who exactly is Pat the Roc? Pat is a man who lives his live by three words “Anything is Possible” (AIP).  These three words helped him through is disappointments in life, and would help him get to the next level.  The nickname “Pat the Roc” came to Patrick Robinson during his time on the And 1 Mixtape Tour during 2003.  He is also featured as one of the characters on the “And 1 Streetballers” Playstation video game.

34264bb4c97111e1b00112313800c5e4_71-300x300By 2007, Pat had been through 2 passports and traveled to over 25 countries fulfilling his dream of playing professional basketball.  As his brand grew, Pat began venturing off to many other opportunities.  He went on to star in numerous commercials, including a CBS commercial with P. Diddy, another video game “NBA 2k”, 2 BET movies, “The Cookout” and “Note To Self”, 2 music videos with artists such as “Wale” and “Matt and Kim”, and 3 more tv shows, including a basketball reality show which aired on the largest sports network in China.  Pat was also invited to NBA all star weekend and Super Bowl weekend to play in celebrity basketball games with actors and athletes such as Bow Wow, Chris Brown, Nick Cannon, Floyd Mayweather, Terrell Owens, Jaimie Foxx, Justin Timberlake, and more.

Pat’s diverse talent also helped him earned many endorsement deals.  In 2008, Pat became the first basketball player to be endorsed by Under Armour.  Under Armour featured Pat in all of it’s store advertisements, including Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, Finish Line and 5 editions of SLAM magazine.

In 2009, Pat was one of 5 SBA players chosen to tour Europe with NBA legends Dennis Rodman, Tim Hardaway and Mugsy Bogues.  Pat also earned Diplomatic Passport status and citizenship from the President of Gambia, Africa for his contribution to the development of basketball in Africa.

In 2010, Pat signed a deal with SKY management which landed him his own signature “Pat The Roc” shoe in stores by Chinese sports brand VOIT.  The success of his shoe led to an even bigger endorsement deal from sports drink Gatorade.  Pat became the first basketball player not in the NBA to has his face appear on millions of Gatorade bottles in stores.  Pat toured China with fellow Gatorade athlete, NBA star, Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat.

When not working on his game, Pat began donating his time to public speaking, spreading his “A.I.P.” message of hope to over 300 schools and 200 basketball camps across the world.  Pat’s powerful message landed him on the same stage as American leaders such as author John C. Maxwell, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and President Obama’s campaign.

Pat continued his philanthropic efforts by starting a non-profit organization Team A.I.P. which is a program that provides a goal-setting curriculum for youth to follow as they reach for their dreams.  Pat also started a Team A.I.P. AAU basketball team where he still shows up to practices to help the kids.

In 2011, Pat signed to Ballup, a reality basketball show on FOX that follows 10 of the best basketball players on their journey on the basketball court, with NBA players such as Dr. J, Allen Iverson, and Chauncey Billups.

Pat now travels the world training many youth and professional athletes all over the globe.  He started the “Pat The Roc Skills Academy”, a training program he uses to share his knowledge of the game of basketball to help players improve their skills.

Pat trains and works with some of the top NBA players from teams such as the Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Lakers, and Washington Wizards to name a few.  He also trains some of the top collegiate basketball players from the schools Maryland, Duke, Indiana, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Memphis, and George Mason to name a few.

Pat’s legacy and story is an inspiration to many all over the world.  His efforts to inspire people to believe “Anything is Possible” has brought him closer to his goal to change lives, one bounce at a time.



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