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Romello Jackson | Running Back | #ItFactor

Romello Jackson | Running Back | #ItFactor

Domination, we frequently use this term in sports loosely based on a continuous winning streak or even in winning by a large margin. Domination is something that makes fans eyes smile, it is powerful, it also has controlling tendencies, yet it doesn’t have any images that best describe the term in the dictionary. If age is the explanation then today the barrier has been broken with the introduction of Central Dekalb 8-year-old running back/linebacker Romello Jackson better known as Mello. 

Jackson was blessed with the #ItFactor from birth. His father Mr. Robert Morris  & his Mother Rebecca Jackson instilled humble beginnings in ”Mello” at a very young age. Fast forward to now at age 8, Ramello Jackson has grown to be one of the most dominant athletes on the football field. Jackson is also dominant on the baseball field, well depending on whomever the reader is this all may ring a bell, ”Jackson” ”domination” ”power” ”Football” ”baseball”, yes! None other than a Bo Jackson comparison is what I’m reaching for. Not much of a reach if you hear the opinions of his opponents or even the opinion of his head coach Mr. Howard Thornton for the Central Dekalb Jaguars 8 & under team out of Dekalb County Georgia.

Off the field ”Mello” is a regular kid that loves video games & his favorite food is hamburgers. Jackson is also on the honor roll in school & his favorite subject is math which may all transition to his awareness on the field, he also possesses great vision which separates him from the average 8-year-old football player. He is very powerful & 100% of the time he wins the 1 on 1 battle & effortlessly rips through arm tackles with the ability to take it the distance as seen in the 2019 ”B2C Championship Series”. Romello Jackson completely took over the series & most noticeably the championship game vs North Henry Tigers as they challenged the Central Dekalb Jaguars all game forcing them into two overtimes. The massive offensive line that ”Mello” continuously gives credit to, along with a duo of backs that compliments ”Jackson’s” style of play got them the victory as they became the Borntocompete champions & Ramello topped it off with a B2C MVP award. 

Jackson & the Central Dekalb Jaguars 7u went on to showcase their skills on a national stage where ”Mello” also dominated & his team came away Victorious which ultimately made Central Dekalb & head coach Howard Thornton the #1 ranked 7u team in the country. Romello 2019 campaign was nothing short of great, he gained attention from both sides of the ball, his offensive style of play draws attention from the typical fan who love to witness exciting touchdowns but he has also been known in previous years for his sound defense. Yes, defense! If you are just tuning in to the ”Mello show” his campaign goes back to just a year before in 2018 with the Georgia Thoroughbreds 6u as he earned the B2C Defensive Player of the Year award. He compliments & has exceeded that 2018 defensive player of the year award with a 2019 B2C Player of the Year award. 

2020 is now upon us & as a fan, I’m excited to see what ”Mello” has added to his skill set at now 8u football in Georgia which is a lot faster compared to last year at 7 years old. Good luck to Romello Jackson & his teammates at Central Dekalb for the 2020 season, the quest for the B2C Championship Series starts in the preseason, Ramello Jackson is currently a household name in the southeast region, that credit goes to how he completely dominated Georgia & Florida in high fashion. 2020 should be nothing short of his goal to be a great kid on & off the field. Mello gives credit to his parents, his coaching staff & his teammates when his accomplishments are mentioned. He plans to repeat the same mission every year to prepare him for middle school once it arrives. He will work harder to assure that it works in his favor. We here at #ItFactor & B2C wishes Ramello, his parents & his team the best for the upcoming 2020 season. #B2CFamiliy

~Jasman Reeder 

Romello Jackson is #2 in Blue (Central DeKalb Jaguars)

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