Sharife Cooper: The Ultimate Leader

You can describe Sharife Cooper (Class 2020) the point guard from Powder Springs, GA a lot of different ways. You can say that he keeps his teammates involved in the game, you can say that he is a scorer you can even say that he is a lockdown defender. Probably the most important thing you can say about Sharife is that he is a winner.

Before this past basketball season Sharife led his team to back to back CCJBC championships in one of the competitive leagues in the Southeast. This current basketball season his team decided to play up as a unit and participate against older teams. Which in the long run they are hoping prepares them for High School.

As a his ability on the court Sharife is a monster a the point position. He plays like his basketball idols (Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook), he has a wonderful feel for the game like Irving and the ability to get after it on defense like Westbrook. As a matter of fact when speaking with Sharife he said that is what he most prides himself on most. He accepts the challenge of playing the other teams best offensive player and shutting him down. Cialis online http://www.wolfesimonmedicalassociates.com/cialis/

This basketball junkie loves the sport and that is probably why when he talks about the championships that he has won it’s always team first to him and winning over everything. On offense the special thing about Sharif is that he understands situations. He knows how to be smart, run his offense and get players involved within the flow of the game. So if you are in his team and having a hot shooting night then prepare to get the ball. If the team is stalling a bit and needs a shot of energy than Sharife will take the scoring duties on himself and get the job done.

Now with most of his team moving on to the 9th Grade this current 7th Grader will be asked to lead his team to another championship. Whatever team he plays with they will have a leader that knows how to win and not just win games but win championships. Xanax  2 mg http://www.gastonpharmacy.com/xanax.php


See Sharife in action 2 years ago, winning the Gatorade Player of the Game in the CCJBC Championship



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