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Tighe Williams | #ItFactor

Tighe Williams | #ItFactor

March 5th, 2009 a workhorse was born. Tighe Shawn Williams, a name given by his auntie that will later carry throughout the surrounding areas of Atlanta, Georgia. In 2019 at the 10 & under division Tighe Williams proved that he belongs amongst the best running backs in Georgia pound for pound. The workhorse has carried his team to the finish line each year.   Tighe is no stranger to adversity, in 2017 late in a B2C championship game, Williams drove his team down in what would have been a game-winning drive & touchdown in the state championship when one of every great running back worst nightmares happened. Williams aka ”Tye” fumbled the ball which gave the then powerhouse Georgia Seminoles the go-ahead win after they scored on that exact fumble recovery which earned ”Tye” & the Welcome All Panthers the runner up trophy in the B2C championship series. Only at 8 years old at the time Williams learned about perfecting his craft in the offseason. The following season at 9u Williams came back with a vengeance & was amongst the leaders at rushing attempts, rushing yards & Touchdowns.  At 10U this past season he had one of the best offensive seasons in the state. The yards and touchdowns are one thing but the way he showed up in big games was second to none. In the B2C Championship Series Tighe Williams was in “The Zone” as he dominated and helped lead his team to a state finalist finish. He would be named B2C Offensive Player of the Year for the State of Georgia in the 10U age group.  

The workload that is required and the running style that Williams displays puts you in the mind of current NFL workhorse running back  Leonard Fournette. The young prodigy reminds you when talking to him that he is just a normal kid as he nervously speaks he constantly bites on his tongue mid-conversation out of shyness. ”Tye” accolades doesn’t stop on the football field he has also been apart of the beta club the last 2 years & has made the principal’s list in school. He has also mentioned his passion has traveled much further than the mark he has put of himself in Georgia recently. Tighe Williams wants to travel around the world. The passion may run parallel with his interest in watching war movies, so maybe the military is an alternate plan of the phenom’s future. 

Tighe will often credit his offensive line when individual awards like the While most notice him for his offensive performances, Williams dosn’t get enough credit for his dominance on defense. Arguably one of the best linebackers at his age group.  When a big play is needed on defense Tye is there to make the play. ”Tye” finds himself in a more anticipated 2020 season than what he has created on his own the last 2 seasons. Between anticipations & projections Tighe is blessed to be ahead of schedule. He is about average size for an athlete of his caliber, but his genes may get him to the land of promise if he takes after his father Mr. Blak Williams. The proud father standing 6’5 is not hard to find given his size that runs parallel with his boasting tone & passion running up & down the sideline rooting for his son’s team in supporting fashion. Although Tighe’s mother Karima Stephens balances the family while being calm at games she shows her support differently along with Tighe’s 2 older siblings. In-home competition is a given in the Williams household as Tighe’s older brother carries the pressures of setting the bar high for the young ”Tye” as he chases any of his brother’s accolades. 

 We are excited to see what the new season holds for Tighe Williams the young workhorse. 

~Jasman Reeder 

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