Top 25 Most Influential People in Youth Sports

1.  Frank Ski – Frank Ski Kids Foundation

Over the course of several years Frank Ski has put together the biggest event in youth sports.  Not only are the stands packed at Grady Stadium but the game set up through the foundation has given over a $100,000 back into the programs that participate in the game.  In hopes that they will use the money to better serve the youth football players that play in their programs.

2. Born To Compete

Five years ago an idea was started to feature youth athletes in a media format.  Now if there is a tournament or youth sporting event going on Born To Compete is going to be involved with it somehow.  Whether it is the radio show, being featured on NBC weekly sports show or gracing the covers of magazines Born To Compete found a way to make sure they kept their vision first.  To inspire youth athletes through sports and involve them in community initiatives.  You can look on their imprint on youth sports over the country with their rankings, awards, and features they do on youth athletes.  As time has went on, they not only celebrate the athletes by saying they were the best, but they started an annual college trip in where they take a selected group of athletes to a spring game at a major university.

3. Guerry Baldwin – East Cobb Baseball

No person in youth baseball has had more of an impact in the past ten years in Georgia than Guerry Baldwin.  After building East Cobb many years ago it has become the hub for all major youth baseball sporting events.  Many years later, he has had many players come through the East Cobb ranks that now are playing with the big boys under the lights in the Major Leagues.

4. Erik Richards – Football University/Gwinnett Football League

He is over the largest recreational youth football league in America.  He is also the National Youth Director of Scouting for Football University (FBU).  In that type of position you make more enemies than friends, but he has been able to wear both hats well and has been successful at both.

5. Scott Byers – South Paulding Spartans

How do you turn a small town into a wrestling hotbed?  It all starts with a great leader, and Scott Byeres has put together a great team of individuals (volunteers) that are dedicated to growing a program that is second to none in youth wrestling.  Scott has built a family environment, that everyone has bought into.  Last year his program won the Georgia State Championships for youth wrestling.  Now they look to continue to build on their success.

6. Aljami Durham – Southern Stampede

It’s almost as if the team came out of the blue, but to be honest Coach Al has been at this for a while.  Securing a deal with Nike to assist the growth of his program, Al has made sure to keep kids first in the hardcore world of AAU.

7. Deion Sanders – TRUTH

Started a school and has one of the most recognizable youth programs in the country.  No telling what he is going to do next.  I got my money on him starting a school here in Georgia…hmmmm, not a bad idea at all.

8. Cheryl “Cee Jai” Jones – Atlanta Youth Tennis Foundation

If you talk to anyone about youth tennis the first person that people will mention is Cee Jai.  She has been instrumental in the youth movement that tennis is going through in metro Atlanta.

9. Liam Banks – LB3 Lacrosse

LB3 is the gold standard right now in Lacrosse.  They have produced competitive teams on the field every year.  Off the field, they make sure their players are doing the right things to become a productive citizens.

10. CJ Stewart – Diamond Directors/L.E.A.D.

If you don’t know his name then you should.  CJ is considered by many as one of the top baseball trainers in the South.  With all of his success that he has had with his organization Diamond Directors he is probably just as known for being a pillar in the community with his L.E.A.D. Organization in which he works with inner city youth to expose them to baseball while also becoming a mentor to hundreds of young men

11. Sugar Bert – Sugar Bert Boxing Academy

Boxing is not once what it was, but give Bert a couple of years and his youth movement will eventually start to show some results as many parent that would never put their children in boxing are starting to do it because of Bert’s involvement.

12. Valister Wilson – Future Stars/Central Dekalb Jaguars

One of the rising names in youth sports.  Has started the Future Stars game which has grown significantly in the last two years.  His Central Dekalb Jaguars organization is considered one of the top programs in the country.

13. Rendell Jackson – Atlanta Public Schools

If he can keep on the path he is going, Rendell Jackson is going to change the way business is handle in middle schools.  He has decided to go with businesses that are more interested in developing his students than with companies that just want to put their name on the building.  If you look at the work he has done with L.E.A.D. and Born To Compete each time the development of the students is what lead him to make his decision.  With those moves it’s no wonder why school systems are looking to possibly put him as the leader over their programs

14. Dunta Robinson – Kansas City Chiefs/Georgia Rebels

He does not get enough credit for the work he has done with his youth program the Georgia Rebels.  Dunta has worked countless hours trying to improve youth activities in Athens, Georgia.  He is one of the few players that even though the season is going on he will make sure to make it to his player’s games, now how many players do you know do that?

15. Jason Turcotte – Dynamo Swimming

If you are looking for a successful swimming program out there to get your kid involved in there are a good amount but Dynamo will be at the top of the list.  Year in and year out they have produced a very competitive program.  Whether it is on a state level or a national level Dynamo Swimmers are always in the hunt

16. J.L. Brooks – GMSAA

Another up and coming name in youth sports.  A couple of years ago J.L. made a genius move by starting the Georgia Middle School Athletic Association.  Now years later he has one of the most popular organizations in the Southeast and many more school systems are looking to either get involved with his organization or start their own that mirrors the GMSAA

17. John Babul – Atlanta Hawks

A new name with the Hawks but John is full speed ahead of getting the Hawks more involved in the community than they already are.  A tireless worker it is easy to see why John was placed in his position of grassroots development for the Hawks

18. Andre Al-Ghani – JackRabbit Track Club

With a strutted front office the Jack Rabbits are a model of consistency.  Andre, his wife, and staff believe in providing opportunities for his athletes to succeed, and are often seen sacrificing their time for his team.

19. Chris Millman – Atlanta Falcons

Chris is very good at making sure the Falcons stay involved in the community.  Millman has made sure that if something is going on in youth sports the Falcons are sure to support it.

20. Tommy Anderson – AAU Basketball

Has grown AAU basketball by leaps and bounds and has also made sure to bring structure to what many considered was a organization that was starting to lose their grasp on their sport.  With the addition of incorporating various technology to better get the much needed exposure that those players deserve

21.  Keion Carpenter – Shutdown Academy

Most od his work is done in the inner city of Baltimore, where people are very quick to turn their backs on troubled youth.  Keion has not only met the challenge head on but he has excelled at helping those youth athletes realize their potential and reach their goals.

22. Pamela Hudson – SMART Athletics

Pamela does an excellent job with SMART Athletics, helping organize and run some of the top youth track meets from across the country.

23. Fiona Watson – Team Fiona JiuJitsu

Fiona has taken the youth mixed martial arts community by storm.  Her hard work and dedication to her students shows during their matches.  She also tries to inspire her students through positive encouragement, in a very competitive environment.

24. Koboi Simpson – Clayton County Athletics

One of the true pioneers in youth sports.  Doesn’t get enough credit for his work that he does in Clayton County.  During his tenure he has increased enrollment and made sure to develop a working relationship with the high school coaches in the Clayton County area.

25. Bert Miller – Decatur Army

Bert is not only an X’s and O’s guy, but he is 100% there for the children that participate in his program.  He consistently has his kids participating in community outreach programs, such as feeding and clothing the homeless.


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