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Top 5 Places for Youth Football Games

Best Fields for Youth Football Games

It’s something about having home filed advantage that gets a team going.  What makes it even better is when it’s big game between two very competitive teams with a packed crowd. These are the best locations for big games. 

5. Mountain Park

Parkview Panthers Home Field

Brand new location with a video scoreboard. Saturday nights at the “The Jungle” area electric when its a big game. 


4. Arlington School

Falcons United Home Field

When it’s a big game there is standing room only. It’s something about coming down the hill getting ready to play a big game. The crowd is usually almost on the field.  The Falcons United always win the big games at Arlington.  

3. Fitzgerald Field

Tucker Lions Home Field

A Tucker Lion game under the lights is going to be standing room only and you better get there early because of the limited parking.  Will be great to see what It will look like when the finish the renovations. 

2.  JP Mosley Park

North Henry Tigers Home Field

Not too many locations have 4 fields with lights in youth football.  So many big games have been played there.  If it is a huge game then they will be on field four or as we would call it “The Showcase” field. 

1. Buford Sports Complex

Buford Wolves Home Field

Their location is a mini stadium.  Not a better looking youth football location in the country. They also have 2 extra turf fields if they are needed.  Since Buford built the mini stadium a couple of years ago it has hosted many national events every year. On Saturday nights it is a great place to watch to really good teams go at it 

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