Top 50 Games of the B2C Era: #35: 12U Georgia Rattlers vs Ben Hill Tigers (Frank Ski Bowl)


GA Rattlers vs Ben Hill

Frank Ski Bowl – 12U Division


[youtube id=”eFfg7tG7WgM” width=”620″ height=”360″]

IT WAS COLD AT THIS GAME!!!!!!  Now after I said that lets talk about the teams.  Ben Hill at that time was considered not only the best team in the state but many considered them as one of the best youth football teams of all time.  They had talent at every position, they had a schedule that featured some of the best teams and players in the state.  On the other side of the sideline was a little known team called the GA Rattlers.  Not many people, knew about the team, players or coach.  If you looked in the stands that might have had about 100 people in attendance not heir side compared to the 500 that came to watch Ben Hill play.  Even though they didn’t win, this game made sure everyone knew who they were.


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