Top Ten Players of the 2013 Future Stars Game

JACKSONVILLE, FL — In a game that features the best that Florida and Georgia has to offer, it is tough to stand out and make a statement.  Here is Born to Compete’s list of the top 10 players who took their play to the next level during the Future Stars Game:

Realus “Boo Man” George

Team Georgia – 7th Grade
Defensive End

The big athletic defensive lineman dominated the game for the DL position.  Had at least four tackles for losses and a QB sack where the big man showed off his rare speed for player his size.  Even though he is very well known in the southeast he is not know well nationally because he doesn’t  usually participate in all star events or camps.  After his performance on the Future Stars game he will be on a lot of people’s radar.

Dakarai Matthews

Team Florida – 8th Grade
Wide Receiver

Know across the country as an athletic quarterback this young man made big plays at the WR position.  Including a catch that will go down in Future Stars history.  He has straight line speed for your deep routes and he is very quick in and out of his cuts.  His best ability though might be his leaping ability.  At this stage you can compare him to a young Santa Moss when he was at Miami.

Rico Frye

Team Georgia – 7th Grade
Running Back

So what do you do when you are one of the most recognized players in the Future Stars game.  You take the opening kickoff to the house.  Just in case people didn’t see that then you take a punt to the house.  All in a days work for Mr. Frye, would have won MVP if Realus George didn’t look like the second coming of Michael Straham.

Andrew Hallman

Team Florida – 7th Grade
Defensive End

Played lights out!!!  Probably deserved the MVP even though his team lost.  Had multiple tackle for loss and kept Georgia’s powerful running game in check.

Trevor Smith

Team Georgia – 6th Grade
Running Back/Linebacker

Started the game by recovering a fumble in the end zone for a TD.  Then to show why many consider him one of the better running backs in the southeast he took two to the house including a beautiful cut back run in between the tackles to show off his God given vision.

Dequante Showers

Team Florida – 8th Grade
Conerback/Running Back

In the first half he was a shutdown corner as was dominant.  The second half he played running back and lit up the stage as he had some very impressive runs and finished the day with a touchdown.

Jajuan White

Team Georgia -6th Grade

I always like my defensive players smart and aggressive.  You need to be able to diagnose a play and once the ball is snapped get to the ball with bad intentions.  Jajuan posses a wonderful skill set at linebacker that is hard to teach, just like a running back has vision.  A linebacker must have a feel for where the ball is going.  Prime example, during a screen play Jajuan instantly sniffs it out forcing a fumble that led to another Team Georgia touchdown.  He had a Lebron James stat stuffer type of game.  1 forced fumble, 4 tackles and  TD.  That was a heck of a game.

Cody Mercer

Team Florida – 8th Grade
Right Guard

Played a beautiful game at the Right Guard position.  When the Cody came around on a pull he was consistently meeting the linebacker on the second level or pancaking the lineman with some vicious blocks.  Down there in the trenches you must have a aggressive attitude and Mr. Mercer came to inflict pain every play.

Andre Stringfield

Team Florida – 8th Grade
Running Back

One word to describe the way he plays the game is SPEED.  Wasn’t able to get stared between the tackles even though he was running hard.  Once the coaches made the adjustment to give Andre the ball running sweeps you could see why he made the all star team.  Once Andre hit the corner he could not be caught as he scored two touchdowns on the day.

Devin Black

Team Florida – 8th Grade

Threw for two touchdowns and ran for one.  Came in and had control of the offense whenever he was in.  Accounted for only one negative play all day long as he made solid decision during the entire game.


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