Top Ten Youth Football Coaches in the B2C Era


1. Coach Ken
Buford Wolves

No coach is better at building a staff, making a game plan and in-game adjustments. Coach Ken understands his personnel and creates an environment in which his team is able to compete daily. We call him Ken “Big Game” Burge because every big game that his team is in, no matter how over matched they are, they have a chance to win. Ask yourself this question, if you had one game to win and it was the championship, who do you want coaching that game? For us, it would be Coach Ken, because we know that he is going to bring home the W.

uniongrove2. Coach Mario
Union Grove Wolverines

He is the only coach to win multiple Frank Ski Bowl championships. His team only lost one game over the coarse of 6 years together (2006-2012). He also never lost a championship game that he was in. Every year, Coach Mario understood that winning football games start with great defensive and offensive lines. Linebackers that could tackle, not just hit, and a running back that could get downhill were more key elements to Coach Mario’s success. Every year, his formula worked. His teams might not have been the most exciting, but they were winners, every time they touched the field.

northpauldinglogo3. Coach Dan
Northview Titans

Coach Dan’s teams are overlooked but every year his teams end up either making a push for the GMSAA championship or winning the entire thing. You can look in the backfield in amazement, or you can view his blocking scheme and realize that it is the key to everything. His in-game adjustments are classic. His resume goes almost unmatched. If I had to start a program, the first person I would pick to help would be Coach Dan.

vikingshorn4. Coach Tim
Atlanta Vikings

Just as Coach Jeff has been a staple for many years in the youth football community with the younger athletes, Coach Tim has been the same with the older youth athletes. He is not one of those coaches that stays with the same system, every year he could run a different offense or defense, depending on the talent that he has on the sideline. Great coaches make the best situation out of the cards that they are dealt.  He has been consistently great for over 20 years. Everywhere he goes, he turns a program around just by his presence.

panthers large5. Coach Shawn
Welcome All Panthers

For many years Shawn was laughed at, because he wasn’t an expert for knowing TRUE football. He won games and championships based off of recruiting top players and making them very aggressive. After one year in the MAYFL back in 2010, he found out the hard way that you have to know the game. He went back in the lab and came out better than ever. After that year, his team went on to win two different league championships, one B2C Championship Series (2011) and finished runner up in the 2012 B2C Championship Series. Then to cap it off, in his last year, his team put together the most dominating performance ever by a 12U team. They beat 8 top ten ranked teams and in the championship game of the Frank Ski Bowl they made sure they put a stamp on their performance with a 34-14 victory over the #2 ranked Atlanta Vikings.

acworthwarriors6. Coach Jeff
Acworth Warriors

At the younger age groups it is very important to have a coach that is consistent with the programs values because he will set the standard for your program. Show me a good program and I will show you a good 6U team. Acworth believes in playing hard, being physical and competing. That is a straight reflection upon Coach Jeff, as that is the environment that he has helped shape. He has won over 10 league championships in a row. Its almost an unreal number for anybody in any league in America that consistently has a new group of kids every year.

Devil_Head_small7. Coach Mike
Fayette County Blue Devils

In his last game, he lost a great one to the Union Grove Wolverines in the Frank Ski Bowl. But, let it be known that he lost four of his better players by the end of the game and he was still able to get the best out of the players that he had left. When it was all said and done his team had won multiple league championships, one B2C Championship Series and were the runner up in the 2012 Frank Ski bowl.


tucker8. Coach Trae
Tucker Lions

When it comes to coaching the younger athletes, Coach Trae is as good as it comes. He pushes his kids to the limit in order to produce physical, fast and knowlegable youth athletes who knew about what they are doing on the field. He is such a staple in the Tucker community that they have a painting of the man on the wall at Applebees…WOW!!! How many youth coaches can say that.


Clemson_Tigers9. Coach Dan
North Henry Tigers

Unfortunately for Coach Dan, his era ended right as the B2C Era began. His team never lost a game…NEVER. They played every top team that you could ever imagine, and ended with a victory every time they lined up. His team would go on to have over 10 kids play D1 football, many of them having huge impacts on their high school and collegiate teams. We hate that we missed most of the show but we are glad we saw a glimpse of it.


georgia rattlers10. Coach Trez
Georgia Rattlers

His accomplishments may have seemed to fade, after a blistering three year run in where his team went to three straight Frank Ski Bowls. But, his teams have still played at a very high level the past two years. During his tenure, he has won multiple championships in the GXYFL and the City of Atlanta League. This former high school All American QB always gets the best out of his teams.


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