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Top Youth/ MS Coaching Staffs in GA

Top Coaching Staffs in Georgia

Middle School and youth football has always had some great teams and some great coaching staffs.  Just because you have a great team talent doesn’t mean the coaching staff is good it just means the talent is amazing. So how do we judge coaching staffs, here is our evaluation.  How does a team prepare, how does a team handle in game adjustments schematically, how does a team handle loss and how does a staff develop players skill set.  

1.  Rome Wolves – 8th Grade

Coach Charles has done a great job with his program over the past couple of years.  Every year his team is in the championship talks for GMSAA and also highly ranked in the B2C rankings. It has translated into great production at the high school level.

2.  North Cobb Warriors – 8th Grade

Year in and year out they have done a phenomenal job not only developing players but their adjustments during the season have led to them winning championships that they were not expected to win.  With their roster being restricted to being cluster based it amazing what they do every year. 

3.  Tucker Lions – 12U Division 

Coach Henry checks all the boxes right now.  He inherited a team that was competitive but hadn’t played to their capabilities.  Over the past 3 years he has shown he knows how to prepare, make adjustments, develop players and how to handle a loss.  Last year it was all on display after they loss to a very good Falcons United team they were able to beat them in “The League” Championship.  They would end up placing second in the AYF Nationals. 

4.  Milton Eagles – 7th Grade

Milton has a great staff. One of the few teams that pass more than 50% of the time. Defensively they will out scheme you, offensively they know how to put it in the hand of their playmakers.  They will probably be in the hunt for the Frank Ski Youth Bowl this upcoming season. 

5.  RDU – 11U Division 

Yes they are extremely talented but that’s not how they started. At 8U they were able to finally get over the hump and beat a very good North Henry team that had won multiple B2C Championships. Now they are in a run that has seen them win multiple B2C State Championships and Battle National Championships.  During this time they have added QB Guru Tony Ballard to the staff, it will be interesting to see the outcome.

6.  Parkview Panthers – 8th Grade 

With 3 high school coaches on the staff including the Head high school coach who has led his team to 2 Quarterfinals and 1 semifinal trip in the last three season in high school.  Parkview has a chance to be very well coached. Then add in the experience of Coach Nate, Parkview has a chance to remain competitive year in and year out.  

7.  East Metro Steelers – 12U Division 

Coach Ben has been nothing but amazing with his group of players.  Each year they are in the hunt for the state championship and each year his team has gotten better and better. Last year they made it to the B2C State Championship.  It will be interesting the see what his team does this year as play calling matters and he has an offensive line that he can lean on.  

8.  Duluth Wildcats – 8th Grade 

They are the most talented team on this list, they might be the most talented team ever in the 8th Grade division, even more talented than Grayson 8th grade team with Owen Pappoe, North Henry with Cam Sutton and Welcome All with D’Andre Walker.  Each of those teams ended up with over ten players playing college football, they have a chance to do the same thing.  After being in some battles they were able to create the atmosphere they wanted for their team.  To make it clear this coaching staff has made a group of young men into some trained dawgs. Coach Geralds is one of the most valuable coaches in the youth football as he does a great job with the offensive and defensive line for Duluth. 

9.  Buford Wolves – 8th Grade 

They would be higher on this list but the retirement of Ken “Big Game” Burge will have some impact. He will be replaced by Coach Gant who has been the FBU Coach for Team GFL since this age group was in 6th grade.  Gant is a players coach and his staff does great at preparing their players to play the Buford Way.  One of the greatest compliments ever given to a youth program was by Coach Appling the head high school football coach at Buford High School. He said “The incoming freshman group is always prepared to contribute when they come in because they know what to do and how we do it”.  At the core of a feeder program thats the main objective, they do their job. 

10.  College Park – 8U Division 

They are the youngest team in the top ten, their coaches did a great job last season handling close games and dealing with defeats. They were able to turn it around and win the B2C State Championship.  They got better as they went along through the season. Offensively and defensively they are good but what makes them special is how the coaches make adjustment and has turned a team that no one thought would win into a championship team. 

11. Ross Elite – 13U Division 

12. Cartersville – Middle School

13. Falcons United – 12U Division 

14. Twin Cities – 8U Division 

15. Calhoun – Middle School

16. RDU – 10U Division 

17. Central Dekalb Jaguars (Lambo) – 9U Division 

18. Bartow Co – 11U Division 

19. Camo Spartans – 13U Division 

20. Georgia Eagles – 8U Division 

21. Wheeler – 7th Grade 

22. Grayson Rams  – 12U Division 

23. Williams Middle (Colquitt Co) – 8th Grade 

24. Warner Robins Warriors – Middle School

25. Lovejoy Cougars – Middle School 


7 v 7 Highlights

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