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Way Too Early B2C FB Rankings: 6U – 12U

B2C 7U Division Rankings (GA)

1. Central Dekalb Jaguars

2. North Henry Tigers

3. Tri-County Hurricanes

4. Old National Knights

5. Flowery Branch

6. Union City Eagles

With the way Central Deklab was able to beat North Henry in the B2C Championship Game its hard to see them not being the favorite.  Until the game changes at 9U, then Central Dekalb should be on a pretty good run for a while because they have a solid team and a good coaching staff…well then they also have the best player in the state and that helps.  With the rule change to the cut off date, this means Central Dekalb and North Henry will only get better as they add some big boys to their team.  They will both be extremely hard to beat.

B2C 8U Division Rankings (GA)

1. Welcome All Panthers

2. Decatur Army Camo

3. Atlanta Ducks

4. Tri-County Hurricanes

5.  Acworth Warriors

Welcome All proved that they are the team to beat.  Not only were they prepared as a to play the Ducks in the B2C Championship Game but they could have played them 10 more times and it would have had the same outcome.  The Ducks had a glaring weakness all season long that no one exposed until Welcome All did it.  Now will other teams be able to do that, who knows.  Decatur Army has picked up half of Metro Atlanta and they are some really good pieces as the coach from Central Dekalb comes over along with the best tackling corner at this age group.  Which means a lot in youth football.  Tri-County has the pieces to get it done, good players, good coaches and great parent support.  Now they just have to win the big games.  It looks like it might start early as they have issued the a standing challenge to the Ducks at the Autism Bowl.

B2C 9U Division Rankings (GA)

1. Welcome All Panthers

2. Atlanta Ducks

3. Ben Hill Blue

4. Douglasville Tiger Cubs

5. Gainesville Davis

Welcome All finally got over the hump last year and they are only going to better.  The play calling they have fits the older age groups, with the pieces they have on offense and defense its a perfect fit.  The Ducks are the most talented in the age group but they just have to be able to show that week in and week out.  Douglasville has been putting together a solid team over in the NWGYFL, they should be able to win their league again and get their birth in the B2C.

B2C 10U Division Ranking (GA)

1. Tucker Lions

2. Atlanta Ducks

3. Welcome All Panthers

4. Smyrna

5. McEachern Indians Blue

6. Hapeville

Hapeville has talent and they could even push to be in the top 5 but they have to fix their defensive issues and it all starts with alignment and assignment.  Welcome All is getting better but they will only go as far as the Coaching goes.  As long as they continue to develop there passing game they have a chance.  If they don’t then things will start to become very difficult for them as this is the age group when the big boys start to use their hands better on the defensive line.  The Atlanta Ducks were a FG away from making a return trip to the B2C Championshipn Game but they cam up short.  They are still a very good team whose game translates to the older age groups with what they run on offense.  Tucker is still the best team in the land, last year they added the passing game and they have learned to use Trelain Madox all over the field.  If anyone was going to beat them it was last year.  Now it’s going to be very difficult.


B2C 11U Division Ranking (GA)

1. Atlanta Ducks

2. North Henry

3. Mill Creek

4. Jonesboro

5. College Park Rams

Jonesboro made a huge pickup in the backfield.  That finally gives them that true threat that can run  in between the tackles.  If anyone saw Caleb Downs in the B2C All American game then they finally saw why Mill Creek is just that good, with the twins on the offensive and defensive line they should be able to walk away with the GFL Championship again.  College Park projects well because of their coaching and their talent.  They have a phenomenal QB on their team who can get it done from the pocket.  Now they just have to win the big games.  North Henry is good and well coached but for years the parents and coaches have claimed they are going to beat the Atlanta Ducks, last year was the year to do it and they came up short.  Will they be able to do it this year or at least give them a close game, only time will tell.  The Atlanta Ducks are just that good.  They have the best line and the best skill players overall in their age group.  Led by 5 B2C All Americans this is the #1 team in the country.

B2C 12U Division Ranking (GA)

1. Tucker Lions

2. College Park

3. Central Dekalb Jaguars

4. McEachern

5. Glenwood

6. Gresham

7. GA Thoroughbreds

8. Blessed Trinity

9. Brookwood

10. North Cobb

Last year defending B2C Champions, led by B2C All American and #1 ranked player in the country Chad Masco will be good but its going to be a transition for them as Masco has moved down to South GA.  Tucker has arguably the best RB in the state with Tay Johnson as the kid can put on a show.  Tucker should be in the championship game again at the end of the year but this time it for the Frank Ski Bowl.  College Park is very good and very talented.  At the end of last year they just had to many injuries.  Look for them to run through their league and be ready for the end of the year push.  Glenwood has the most versatile player in their age group as the reigning offensive player of the year for the state of GA is a walking highlight film.  McEachern is the one that can throw a monkey wrench int he plans of everyone as this team can play and not only can they play but they have one of the best coaches in the state in Coach Brooks.  GA Thoroughbreds have a great coaching staff, don’t be surprised if they win the GXYFL and end up being the #1 ranked team in the state.  They have what it takes to do it, they just have to get it done on the field.


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