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Welcome All vs Atlanta Ducks Preview

This is the day everyone in youth football has been waiting for as you have the Welcome All Panthers taking on the Atlanta Ducks.  Welcome All is the storied program that has become one of the most successful programs in the country.  The Ducks are a upstart program that took the youth football world by storm with the their flash and swag but most importantly with the way they win ball games.  All eyes will be on this game as two of the top programs go at it on the field.  Lets breakdown the matchups

6U Division 
This is the first of the B2C Sunday Grudge Matches.  Welcome All team has played very well in the MAYFL by going undefeated.  Their coach believes in defense, he has been that way since he steeped on the sideline.  The Atlanta Ducks have been absolute monsters.  They have dominated the top completion in the YFA.  Welcome All will be ready for the game but the Atlanta Ducks look like th team to beat.

7U Division 
Welcome All is actually a great team.  If you look at the game against #2 ranked North Henry they played great.  They had some TDs called back because of penalties.  The Atlanta Ducks have gotten better and better every single game and that is because of their coaching staff led by Coach Larry.  He has been the main cog in the 11U team that got the offensive and defensive line playing so well.  Now with his own team you can see them becoming an elite team.  If Welcome All gets down early they will have trouble coming back and Atlanta Ducks will walk away with the game.  If the game is close Welcome All will come away with the win as they are built for dogfights.

8U Division 
This is going to be a great game!  These two coaches are so different.  Coach Bolden is flashy and loves to space it out and air it out.  Coach Shawn is old school, he doesn’t care about the jerseys or flash.  He believes in physical football with no excuses.  Welcome All usually plays with no safety and that is fine but that means they have to matchup outside and when the Atlanta Ducks go to the spread.  With that formation the Ducks allow their lineman to get down field and get on those linebackers which is why you saw the big runs in the Centennial Bowl.  If Welcome All hasn’t adjusted then it will get very difficult for them as they will get down and their power offense will go out the window.  The Atlanta Ducks have to continue to play their game.  Don’t try and out physical Welcome All, is not going to happen.  Their best option is to continue to take advantage of their speed and every time they take a big hit, they have to get back up and keep coming at them.  If they don’t do that then thats when the breakdown happens and it will get ugly on that field fast.

9U Division 
This will be the start of the very competitive games as the others have a chance to be a blowout.  These two teams do not like each other at all on the field.  The Atlanta Ducks are loaded with talent and I mean loaded!!!  Welcome All takes the team approach meaning all hands on deck.  The Atlanta Ducks have Mr. B2C on their sidelines.  There is a reason he has that name, the kid is just that good.  Welcome All has to depend on their defensive line that can make life very difficult for the Ducks coaching staff.  The Ducks have to continue to use their talent and not get behind the sticks.  If they do then they will be in control the entire game.  If not they tend to get very predictable in their play calling as they start calling plays for the individual player and not the situation.  Welcome All has a great coaching staff so they must be patient.  Long drives, take what the defense gives you, mix up the snap count and it will be a competitive game.

10U Division 
Get ready!!!!  This will be the best game of the day.  Last year he beat the Ducks by one point  in the B2C Championship Series Semifinals and that game was a classic.  Now it’s been a whole year and it’s about to be a war on the field.  Coach P is a fantastic coach who consistently puts a great product on the field every year.  His team is always the same, they are physical, play great defense and they play the game the right way.  You hardly ever see them with a lot of penalties or turnovers.  If their is any flaw, it is when he gets behind the sticks he has a tendency to play it safe.  If this a close game like we think its going to be then he has to let that phenomenal quarterback pull the trigger on third and long.  He can get the job done.  If they are successful on third and long they will be able to win the game.  For    Coach Hilton from the Atlanta Ducks it is the opposite.  His team is dynamic, they are the best passing team in the Country for their age group but what else would you expect from the former college All American WR.  Coach Hilton biggest challenge will come when he is ahead of the sticks on third and short.  He must take advantage of that huge line and those big physical running backs he keeps in the garage.  Let them pick up those first downs and move the chains.  If he isn’t consistent with that then the Panthers will win the field position battle and win the game.

11U Division
If you watched Welcome All play the North Henry Tigers then you noticed that Welcome All didn’t play bad at all.  They just gave up big plays to #0 from North Henry and then once they got down big it was over.  One thing we know about this Welcome All coaching staff is that they are really good.  So they will have to make the adjustments to their team open field tackling.  The Atlanta Ducks are finally getting back into the swing of things as they have a chance to take another step back to being the dominate team they are supposed to be.  They are still trying to fit certain pieces in on offense but what the Ducks are at their core is a monster on defense and a passing (spread) team on offense.  Thats what they are and as long as the offense begins and ends with Terrance Love they are ok.  On defense they will continue to lean on that amazing defensive line including #1 player in the country Jelani “Tank” Thurman.  This still is arguably the most talented team in the country and styles makes games.  It will be up to the Welcome All coaching staff how this game is going to go because you already know what you are going to get out of the Ducks when they play their game.

12U Division
The game actually has a chance to be very competitive.  Welcome All can score on offense and they play really good defense.  The Ducks have a quality scheme on offense but on defense they have to make sure their alignments are right.  Too many times when they played Tucker they had kids out of position.  Im sure Coach Trotter has fixed those issues and they have a chance to go into Welcome All and win a ball game.  If they haven’t fixed their alignment issues on defense then Welcome All will 5 and 5 them all the way down the field and win the ball game by two touchdowns.


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