You are what you eat!

ATLANTA, GA — Athletes, have you ever wondered why your competition has more energy than you at the end of a race or game?  There are several factors that will explain why, but the main reason is….your food intake!

bananas_logoHave you ever heard the term “You are what you eat,” well this term is not just something that your parents tell you in order to influence you to eat your veggies.  The food that you intake provides your body with the necessary nutrients to get through the day.  So if you are intaking a lot of unhealthy foods, your body is not adequately prepared to get through the day.

If you have an upcoming game or meet, follow these simple steps the night before you compete:

  1. Load up on potassium – Potassium is very important to your daily diet.  It is the mineral that helps break down all of the protein that you ingest, so it can be distributed to your muscles and bones.  The good news is that potassium can be found in most fruits and vegetables, including bananas and sweet potatoes.  Another great source of potassium is orange juice.
  2. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables – Fresh fruits and vegetables, I should say!  Fries are not considered vegetables, just because it comes from a potato!  Great fruits to have on the sidelines are apples and oranges.
  3. Hydrate! – Drinking water the day of competition is great, but that water that you are drinking will not become affective until the day afterwards.  Hydrate yourself the day before you compete to flush out some of the toxins in your body, and give your muscles the water that they need for that final kick at the end of a race.


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