Youth Offensive Lineman of the Year Finalists

Druw Lewis – Sequoyah Chiefs (8th Grade)
Huge lineman, very athletic for his size. Once he locks on to defenders he is locked in. Fires off the ball well as he has no wasted steps. Help lead his team to 3 GMSAA championships in a row. Team consistently lead the state in rushing yards at his age group every year.

Casey Holman – Mill Creek (8th Grade)
Tall lineman who can easily play the tackle position at the next level, depending on his development can easily get significant playing time on varsity by the end of his freshman year. Knows how to use his size and his long arm in pass block and in run blocking he has the ability to consistently make it to the linebackers when asked to do it.

Tyler Carter – Welcome All Panthers (12U Division)
A smallish guard height wise but when that ball snaps he is a beast. Low to the ground he is very quick off the snap. His hands are always inside and his feet are always driving. When bumped to go to the next level he usually ends up putting the linebacker on his back. 70% of Welcome All rushing yards came from behind him. Even when defenses shifted to his side they were no match as he would end up blocking two peoples he would block the man in the gap and push him into the linebacker. At the end of the year he was able to help lead his team to a the championship in the Frank Ski Youth Bowl. As they had over 100 yards rushing on his side.


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