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Finding The Way | Grayson Fellabaum

Finding The Way | Grayson Fellabaum

Grayson Fellabaum C/O 2028

Hard working players who possesses a humble mindset such as Fellabaum usually feel as if their recent performances aren’t the best they can do. Even though Fellabaum had great success he wants to build on it even more.

Fellabaum says, “I think I did pretty good I had 50+ tackle, 9 tackles for loss, 5 sacks, 1 Fumble recovery, 2 pass break ups, 2 INT 1 td on defense.”

The most important part for a successful season is a successful off-season. How bad do you want it?

“My off-season was pretty good I did a lot of training and started doing velocity and our team ended up going 8-2 in the session.” Says Fellabaum

“Next season I want to try to gain some weight and muscle, also want to get 75+ tackles. I also want to make it the championship as a team.” Fellabaum states.

Be looking for big things from Fellabaum and his team as they go into a off-season where they have a chance to separate themselves from others.





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