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Leading the Way | Trace Hawkins

Leading the Way | Trace Hawkins

Leading In Every Possible Way 

Last season went really well for the C/O 2028 QB Trace Hawkins. Hawkins had some great players on his team to compete along side. They  played a really good Rockmart team that was real physical and they just went out there got the job done and won the region.

During the off-season, Hawkins began training  to strengthen his arm and to improve his mechanics. This season has gone really well for Hawkins and his team.

“Well I feel like we have played really well this season and I couldn’t do any of this without my brothers with me, I have a great receiving core and let me tell you, those dawgs up front are something serious. I took each game step by step didn’t get to ahead of myself as the season went on but, just work, work, work until we have the job done at the end of the season is always the goal. Also have a great coaching staff that has lead me to these moments and taught me everything I need to know to play next level competition.” Says Hawkins.

It’s safe to say that Hawkins has a great supporting cast that can go a very long way. Hawkins is the kind of leader you would want leading your team and he’s a coaches dream to have running an offense! Hawkins is set to continue to be a big time player and his team rallies around his leadership. 

Hawkins has a great maturity to go along with his extremely talented skillset. Many around the area are excited to watch him grow. 



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