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Marck Horace C/O 2028 RB Dacula High School

Marck Horace C/O 2028 RB Dacula High School

Proving The Doubters Wrong

Marck Horace C/O 2028 RB Dacula High School

In a lot of athletes journeys at some point in time you want to prove a doubter wrong because we have all had them and often times it motivates some people to do better. In that case, it can be a good thing to have doubters although it sounds bad from the surface, it can really spark someone to do great things. However, it can do the opposite, depending on who you are but for Marck Horace, it’s a positive thing, because he has worked hard to not only prove others wrong, but to prove himself right.

“My off-season has been going great I’ve been doing a lot of running back training, I have been getting so much faster then I was before. I am ready to showcase the talent that people have been sleeping on and ready to prove people wrong.” Says Horace.

Expectations for yourself must be high if you want to prove others wrong and prove yourself right because you will have obstacles to jump in order to make things happen. For Horace, his expectations are high and he’s confident and reaching and even surpassing them.

“I expect from myself this season is a lot of rushing yards and touchdowns and my team chemistry to grow as we will win games as a team this season.”

To be successful the way you’d want to be in a respective sport, is to enjoy it. For Marck Horace, he tells us what he enjoys most on top what his goals are.

“What I enjoy most about playing football is allowing my self to be free what I mean by that is I am being very happy but I am also locked in as well and making it focusing on the goal.” Says Marck.

“My goals as a individual this season is being able to become FBU all American 9th grade, making sure I can make many debut as a freshman on varsity and having more then 1,000 rushing yards this season, what i expect from my team is a great striving path to prove our point on why we are the best team in Georgia.”

Horace has all of these great goals but no goal is obtainable for any of us without The Lord. Horace tells us what keeps him grounded and helps him obtain his goals.

“One important thing that I would like to add is I am trusting in God in each and every step of the way to guide me and lead me to this goals. Says Horace.

Marck Horace is going to be a special talent and a big name to watch out for in the very near future.

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