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Bryson Russell C/O 2028 WR/DB Kell High School

Bryson Russell C/O 2028 WR/DB Kell High School

Working Harder By The Day

Bryson Russell C/O 2028 WR/DB Kell High School

Being at a program like Kell, you have to have a standard of excellence in hard work and that’s exactly what Bryson Russell possesses being an outstanding athlete at the WR/DB position.

This off-season for Russell is going well and he expects to continue positive strides as the off-season goes along.

“My offseason is going Great , I learned a lot of things that are going to help me in my future and the upcoming season . I’ve continued to grind in the weight room and on the field during this offseason on route running , building up more speed and getting my mindset right . I except from myself too work harder and harder everyday , and ignore all of the negativity.” Says Russell.

We like to ask what these great student-athletes enjoy most about playing this sport we all love so much and Russell tells us, “ What i enjoy most from playing the game of football is Building relationships with my teammates.”

That’s the most important part about this game is building relationships because that helps win games but also it creates lifetime friendships.

Russell says, “This season i except myself too build my mind set and contribute myself as much as i can to help my team have a successful season. My goals as a team this year are to beat every team we play and dominate at all times. We have lots of talent and great players/coaches at kell high school, And Winning a state championship is highly achievable for our team.”



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