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Showcasing Natural Abilities | Carrollton | Trucker Jordan

Showcasing Natural Abilities  | Carrollton | Trucker Jordan

Trucker Jordan C/O 2029 Carrollton

Carrollton has produced many big time players and as of late, some big time QB’s currently, Julian Lewis is the QB most notable. Jordan is on his way to being one of the “ next big things” at Carrollton.

The off-season was packed full for Jordan as he attended a lot of QB camps/showcases such as Tony Ballard QB school, FBU Atlanta, Elite 11 Academy, NexGen Atlanta, QB Universe camp, Manning Passing Academy, IMG Winter break camp, Nick Saban camp, FBU Top Gun. Jordan also trained weekly with QB Country Atlanta Charley Loeb, AJ Barge (Carrollton High School QB coach) and with Tony Ballard.

“As soon as basketball season is over, I’m excited to play 7v7 with Hustle this spring. I also run track for Carrollton and plan to attend most all of the same camps/training that I did in 2023. I train for football 6-7 days per week in the offseason so work never stops. I would not have it any other way. My Carrollton team will have some spring workouts then we start training for tackle June 1st! But right now, I’m super pumped for 7v7 with Hustle.” Says Jordan.

Jordan looks realizes what position he’s in a traditional and very proud place.

“I feel very fortunate to be at Carrollton and surrounded by a lot of talented players and coaches. I also love all of my coaches that I train with throughout the year. They have made a positive impact in my life both on and off the field. I appreciate all the time they invest in me and I hope to always make them proud.” Says Jordan.

Jordan’s 2023 stat line: Games Played: 10, Completions: 81, Passing Attempts: 149, Passing Yards: 1157, Passing TDs: 22, Rushing Yards: 288, Rushing TDs: 4.


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