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Gabe Prince Prince Ave Christian

Gabe Prince Prince Ave Christian

Gabe Prince Looks To Set The Standard Higher

Gabe Prince Prince Ave Christian

The off-season for Prince has been a big one and it’s really going to benefit not just Prince but his team in 2024.

“My off-season was amazing, I’ve really improved on my pass protection and getting stronger in the weight room.” Says Prince.

Improving in the main area’s of your position is critical to a successful season. Prince has taken that step and looks forward to setting the bar very high this season.

“I expect myself to be first team all region and for my team to win state.”

For Prince, while setting that bar high, you have to !3 able to have love for the game and one thing that Prince loves about the game is being physical.

“The thing i enjoy the most about football is hitting people in the mouth.” Prince states.

“My goals for me is to hopefully get some offers this year and for our team to keep the good chemistry we have so far into this season.”



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