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Xavier Griffin C/O 2026 LB Gainsville

Xavier Griffin C/O 2026 LB Gainsville

Soaking It All In And Focused On Winning

Xavier Griffin C/O 2026 LB Gainsville

Xavier Griffin has allowed himself to sit back and learn while developing into the player he wants to be. Most athletes in the shoes of Griffin rush the process, even when they are not ready, they tend to try and do more than they can, or should. As for Griffin, he is getting better, and showing much improvement simply because he is allowing himself to develop by learning, and then going out on the field and producing. Despite being a 4 star and gaining so much attention, it all boils down to one thing for Griffin, and that’s winning.

Before all of the attention really started to set in, a fully developing and learning curve came for Griffin. He took the transition from middle school running back/wide receiver to freshman year as wide receiver then was placed at Defensive End and from there it’s been bright lights for Xavier Griffin. He was able to play in a lot of big moments and make some plays in those moments. Plus being able to go undefeated in the regular season and make the championship game in his freshman year was a special experience for Griffin. Now he’s the guy and wants to be a leader to making that happen.

During the off-season Griffin became more of a student of the game and that became a huge focus for him.

“I was able to attend some major camps, as well as some great combines. I also was able to to pick my first four scholarship offers at that point, South Florida, UAB, Tennessee, and Florida State) during the off-season as well!” Says Griffin.

Obviously, Griffin has picked up many more such as Texas, Clemson, Alabama and more. Xavier is very hot in the Nation right now in recruiting.

Griffin tells me last year in the midst of the football season “As a team, we are focusing on getting better week by week. Chasing the best all the way to the championship, one game at a time. I’m just focusing continuing to grow and make big plays for my team. Just continuing to be the best version of me every week.”

That’s a very mature and selfless response from a guy of his caliber. This 2024 season Griffin will be the lead man and expects to lead his team to a state title game just as he got to experience his freshman season.

It’s safe to say Griffin is in a program that can continue to develop him and that Griffin has a monster ceiling which shows force he’s already proven to be. Griffin has already put in the work on the football field, and he plans to continue that. In 2024, we will see some big things from Xavier and the Red Elephants from North East Georgia.

Do not be surprised to see them in the last game of the season. A big part of it will be because of one of the best LB’s in the Nation in Xavier Griffin.

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