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Chris “Smooth” Miller 2027 QB Kennesaw Mountain

Chris “Smooth” Miller 2027 QB Kennesaw Mountain

Competitive Edge To Win

Chris “Smooth” Miller 2027 QB Kennesaw Mountain.


 For QBs, off-seasons can be challenging and extra work because they are having to put tons of mental work on top of physical work. For the 2027 QB Miller it’s every bit of that. Miller takes his off-season moves very seriously in order to be fully prepared for the football seasons ahead.

“My off-season has been focused on intentional training – both physically and mentally to get ready for the season.  I’m excited to continue showcasing my accuracy and ball placement, and added to that I’ve worked hard at my command of our offense and trust with my team and coaches.” Says Miller.

Expectations on yourself can feel like a heavier weight than when others have expectations for you. Expectations are apart of the game right? We just be able to sustain them in order to be successful and not let it “make or break” the potential.

Miller says, “KMHS is a great program with an amazing coaching staff, and our entire team has been preparing this off-season to compete at a very high level in the new classification. For myself, I am committed to being a positive leader for the team, and demonstrate discipline, and toughness with the will to compete no matter who we are playing.”

Enjoying the game is a very important part of being a successful player. Miller says he’s very competitive and doesn’t take losses lightly. However, he enjoys it all.

“I am a very competitive QB and I don’t like to lose, however what I equally enjoy most about playing the game of football are the lasting relationships and team camaraderie that I experience with my teammates, coaches, and support staff.  Win or lose we are a competitive and cohesive unit.”

“I absolutely want to play at a high level and continue to build my reputation and individual stats.  As a team, we are looking forward to the start of the season to put into play all of the hard work we’ve done in the off-season and be a force in our division with the collective goal of winning it all.” Says Miller.

Lookout for Miller because he is a big talent who’s still got tons of potential. Miller is working and making the most of reaching every ounce of his potential and God given abilities.

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