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Elijah Carter | 2027 Collins Hill

Elijah Carter | 2027 Collins Hill

Excelling In All Area’s 

Elijah Carter 2027 Collins Hill

For 2027 Elijah Carter has been his best one yet. Carter is putting his grind on display every day and not taking it for granted.

Carter says, “My offseason has been amazing I’ve been in the lab nonstop. I have been training day in and day out working both sides of the ball Db/Wr. I also have to make sure I’m in the right shape so I have been weight lifting and doing speed and agility. I also have to make sure I’m taking care of my body and doing recovery. I’ve improved my overall game including speed, route running, tracking the ball, IQ, and for defense i’ve been improving my overall technique, Including my ability to break on the ball, reading the field and my overall defensive game with FSU Alum Kameron house and I’m ready to showcase my skills this season.”

“I expect me and my team to go out there and give it our all regardless of our classification, that’s not important to us. What’s important to us is to go out there and give it out all no matter what and come out with the win.”

Carter enjoys competing but he loves to do it with his teammates the most. “What I enjoy most about playing football is the adrenaline and rush you get during the games and the feeling of winning alongside my teammates. I get to play the sport I love and have fun at the same time.” Says Carter.

“My goals as an individual is to continue to work and get better everyday.  No matter what no excuses I must keep working. My goals as a team is to go out there and do our best and bring home a championship.”

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