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Creighton Wilkins C/O 2028

Creighton Wilkins C/O 2028

Training To Dominate

Creighton Wilkins C/O 2028

It’s the time of year where all student-athletes are focusing in on school, workouts, other sports or off-season training. Wilkins is putting the work in already.

Wilkins says, “My season at north forsyth middle as a team was pretty good we went undefeated for regular season and lost in the championship but me as a player I was very physical and aggressive and dominated at left tackle and got a all county award at the end of the season.”

Wilkins was able to have tons of success as an individual and a team. However, he plans to build on that and become even better this off-season.

“My off season has been very productive with me training with hawgs and dawgs for sped,agility, technique and weight training, im also going to as many camps as i can and all star games I can to get better.” Says Wilkins.

“My plans for next season is to just perform and to put my name out there as much as i can also my goal is to make the varsity team as a freshman.” Wilkins said.

Expect Wilkins to have a massive year and a massive high school career moving forward.

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