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Thomas Duncan 2028 QB Adairsville

Thomas Duncan 2028 QB Adairsville

Improving The Details

Thomas Duncan 2028 QB Adairsville

Thomas Duncan is a very passionate and smart young man. He brings that to the table when it comes to the class room and athletics. Needless to say, he’s ready for this season.

“The off-season has gone well. I thank God for the opportunities and continuing to guide me on this journey.”

As I am transitioning into high school I have used the time to reflect on the past season. I have reviewed game film and pinpointed areas where I was weak and needed to improve. I also participated in basketball with my school and also with two AAU teams. I believe the transition allows me to develop new skills and hone in on areas where I may lack individual discipline. I continued to work with my QB trainer, Ron Veal, to identify areas where improvement is needed and develop a broader skill set.” Says Duncan.

Transitioning can be difficult but it seems as if Duncan’s transition is taking place in a positive manner.

“I look forward to showcasing my true love for the game and hustle I give daily. I have worked on developing leadership skills and working with consistency in every aspect of my game.”

Expectations can be high for some student-athletes and that’s a great thing. For Duncan that’s what he sets for himself is a high standard.

Duncan says, “I expect perfection from myself, but have grown to understand that perfection is not what is important; it is about never stopping. I do not give up and I do not quit. I want to understand what I did wrong or how I can do the right things even better. I expect to meet challenges and will take each one as an opportunity to better myself.
Adairsville High School is a special place. Coach Cudd, along with the entire coaching staff, has developed a true team environment. We rely on each other and we have each other’s backs. Adairsville has amazing talent. I am humbled to play alongside some of the best. I look forward to our season and the enthusiasm a new season brings.”

“I enjoy the brotherhood. Knowing that each Coach and player is there for each other and respect is always present on the field and off the field. I enjoy the growth I have seen within myself and the ability to encourage and grow with my team. Football is a game to many but to me it is so much more. It has given me life lessons I will carry with me including selflessness and a competitive spirit.” Duncan said.

Duncan has goals for himself but also for his team this year and he expects to devote more time in getting better in all areas.

“My goals are to improve my footwork, read the field better, devote more time to studying film, grow my mental toughness, grow my leadership skills, move quicker and with purpose, improve diet habits, and strengthen my core muscles.
Our team goal is to Win, show excellence in all we do, work as a team, show maturity on and off the field, and have a true winners attitude. Coach Cudd sets expectations for our team and we are here to go above all expectations set. He ensures we work as one unit and that is the key to our success.” Duncan says.

Duncan adds, “Seeing the benefits of working on myself, not physically but mentally also. I realized if I set expectations that I will reach them with hard work and I have learned to deal with issues which may arise and see those as opportunities.”

“Describe my game: Structured. I am someone who has goals and those can only be reached by structure, sheer grit and determination.
Strength: Actively Listen. I take mistakes I make hard I have a high bar set for myself and to achieve the top I have to listen to Understand and not just respond.”

“As a coach, you tell me what I can expect every time you take the field?
A positive rapport and enthusiasm. My appearance, behavior, body language and conduct will show respect during each practice and game. Also you will get enthusiasm. Football and Basketball are two games I love. I love to play the game. I am a student of the game. I love to learn and grow and push myself beyond boundaries that even I didn’t think were possible. I have played multiple positions in each sport and learned so much from each opportunity. I want to be the best at each of them and have learned that comes with actively listening and being humble. “

Impressed yet? Duncan has the mentality of a collegiate athlete and I can even go as far as to say this is the mentality and maturity that some NFL athletes possess.

How does Duncan handle adversity?

“I handle adversity with a positive mindset. Challenges are only opportunities to become better. My coaches are there to make me better and ensure I reach my full potential. I don’t make excuses, I own up to mistakes and use those to energize me.
I also lean into my upcoming high school coaches and my trainers. I have been blessed to have amazing High School coaches, two are my Head Coach, Coach Jonathan Cudd and our Offensive Coordinator, Coach Eric Long. Coach Cudd inspires me daily to be better than I was the day before and Coach Long is always there to ensure I am giving 100% and teach me how to self correct along the way.
My football trainer, Coach Ron Veal, believed in me before I believed in myself. He is an amazing man that I am truly humbled to know. He has taught me that mistakes are chances to grow and the outcome is only what I make it.
My basketball journey started three years ago and led me to 4 amazing men. Coach Walter Jordan, Coach Clark Wiedetz, Coach Yakhouba Diawara, and Coach Evan Black. These men took a kid who could not even dribble or make a layup to someone that is consistently improving each game. They taught me to root myself in God and go into each game thankful for an opportunity to play and be a part of a team.” Says Duncan.

Expect nothing but great things from this young leader as he continues to grow.

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