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Judd Shoemaker C/O 2027 Prince Ave Christian

Judd Shoemaker C/O 2027 Prince Ave Christian

Growth In Every Aspect

Judd Shoemaker C/O 2027 Prince Ave Christian

Off-season work is under way in the state of Georgia and Judd Shoemaker is one of the athletes who have been really putting in the work in all aspects of the game.

“The offseason has gone very well so far for not only me but our team, we all play together like a family and feed off of each others energy and plays. For me personally it was hard at the beginning coming into a new system and learning the plays but by now I’ve gotten the system and playbook basically down. The main thing I’m looking to showcase this season is my route running and knowledge of spacing as a receiver I believe that has grown tremendously with the coaching from coach richt and our staff.” Says Shoemaker

When you’re already a champion, you feel as if you can reach again and again. Confidence levels go up and when you play for a powerhouse program such as Prince Ave Christian you are built to think that way.

“I expect that we will another state championship this year we already look like a very dangerous team I think through spring and now in these summer 7 on 7s that we’ve played. Obviously some mistakes from myself and others but I don’t see our season ending without another state championship.”

For Judd, he enjoys a lot about the game of football and he gives us details on what he enjoys most about playing football.

“Honestly, the thing I enjoy most about football is just the competitive nature about the sport and the fact that anything your feeling throughout a day in school or a day in general you can express on the field.” Shoemaker says.

“Obviously I think the goal as a team like I said is to win a state championship and just compete with the intent of winning every game. Personally I’m just looking to contribute in any way that benefits the team being new to the team I’m fully ready to make the most of my situation. Ultimately do my part on offense and defense and make plays.”

Shoemaker is going to be a dynamic player for Prince Ave Christian. Expect him to be used in big time situations and understand that Judd is up for the challenge!

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