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Max Brown | Jefferson HS C/O 2027

Max Brown | Jefferson HS C/O 2027

Embracing The Big Role 

2027 RB/FS/LB Jefferson Max Brown

Max Brown is one of those types of players who strives for perfection and works on the “small” details of his game.

Working on those types of things will only lead to major success and for Max Brown it’s been proof in the pudding that that’s the case.

Brown made some immediate noise helping Jefferson have an amazing season going deep into the playoffs.

During Brown’s off-season before the season began was a lot of success at reaching goals in order to be ready for the high school season. Brown worked out a few “kinks” in his game,  worked hard physically and mentally preparing himself for what was to come his first season of high school football.

Brown had plans before the season to prove himself as a dominant player on the high school team, and earn some starting jobs on either side of the field.

“I want to earn credibility and get some more offers this fall.” Brown says.

This past season, Brown made a good splash to be able to do exactly what his brother has done and that’s going to a college program.

In the B2C All American game Brown was impressive, during that same week Brown received an offer from Arkansas.

Brown is going to be a massive part of his team this next season in 2024. Expect him to be a young leader on the team as well.

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