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Camden Goforth from TN is as good as advertised

Camden Goforth from TN is as good as advertised

Camden Goforth may only be a freshman out of McMinn County High School in Athens, Tennessee, but he’s working hard to make his presence felt already.

The class of 2026 prospect is a varsity starter for his high school team where he has made an impact with his 6-foot-3 inch, 260 pound frame to go along with a 75 inch wingspan.

“I accomplished my goal of getting a varsity starting position and that has been awesome,” Goforth said. “The team is getting better as the season goes on. 

“We had a tough lost by three points to Cleveland but we came back and defeated the #5 ranked 5A team in the state 43-14.”

Playing up against older competition is not anything new to Goforth.

“I was sort of prepared for it, two years ago I was invited to play AAU travel football with the Tennessee Outlawz Elite,” Goforth said. “I was on the 12u team and after the first game the coaches asked if I would play up on the 14u team, so I was playing high school players when I was in the seventh grade.”

Goforth is still eligible for another here of 14u AAU and is hoping he can play travel football again in the offseason.

Last year, Goforth got the chance to play in the Dream All-American Bowl at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, home of the Cowboys.

The experience was “totally awesome” according to Goforth.

“To get to play on such an iconic field was overwhelming,” Goforth said. “I was stunned when I got the notification that I was selected to play.”

“Knowing that out of so many players that I was picked was very exciting and humbling. I was very appreciative of the opportunity and I will have memories from this the rest of my life.”

While his build may have you thinking he strictly plays on the line, Goforth is more than that.

“I wanted to be known as a versatile player, so when I got the chance to play other positions I jumped on the opportunity,” Goforth said. “I asked Coach Morgan to run the ball at a tournament when I was in seventh grade.”

“After I had several yards carried and a two-point conversion, they started using me in several different positions: RB, FB, LB, DE, OG, OT, DT and NG.”

A kid who can do it all between the lines, Goforth knows he has to keep focusing on his goals as his career advances.

“My goal is to continue to work hard, correct mistakes and continually improve,” Goforth said. “Grades are a very important for me, I want to focus on improvement in the classroom and on the field because I really want to get that first college offer soon.”

At this rate, it won’t be long until that first offer comes rolling in.

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