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Talon Puckett C/O 2028 QB Bethlehem Christian Academy

Talon Puckett C/O 2028 QB Bethlehem Christian Academy

Climbing The Radar

Talon Puckett C/O 2028 QB Bethlehem Christian Academy

Massive expectations from Talon Puckett this season as he welcomes big challenges to face yet Puckett expects to rise to the occasion.

“This offseason has been great. Camps have been going good, and I’ve been working with my coaches and working on my craft in general. I’ve improved a lot on my footwork, my accuracy, ball placement, and knowing how much power to use on each throw and the situation I’m in on that pass. I’m ready to show my ability to deliver the ball in close situations and when it matters the most. I expect to have a dominant season and show people how much ability I have. I expect my team to ball out like they always do. We have dawgs on this team and I expect us to go to state this year.” Says Puckett.

Most guys say they enjoy the game from many different standpoints but never do they speak about they nervousness part. For Puckett, it’s what he loves most. He enjoys the nervousness part before a game and he thrives off of it. Yes, this tells you he’s got “Ice in his veins” as the saying goes or “cold blooded”. That’s what Talon has in his game.

“I enjoy the nervousness of the sport, when those lights hit and being a Qb all eyes are on you and after a big win, the feeling of being accomplished, and the sport in general, during conditioning, during workouts, during practice, having your brothers (teammates) there with you through the suffer and through the heights.”

Big goals are ahead and this season looks bright for Puckett and his team.

“My goals for this season is to stand out and make an impact whether that’s passing or running for touchdowns. Whatever it takes to help the team win, I’m willing to do. I want us too win it all and get that ring. We have a lot of seniors at Bethlehem Christian Academy, I wanna get that win and that feeling with them before they leave, and have a story to tell about that 2024 season.” Says Talon.

Expect huge things out of Talon Puckett and his team. Their fan base should be very excited.

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