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Kingston Coe C/O 2027 DB/WR

Kingston Coe C/O 2027 DB/WR

Lockdown Mentality 

Kingston Coe C/O 2027 DB/WR

When you play DB or WR on the football field you always want to have that “Dog” mentality because it’s not only physical but it’s a mental position in the sense of not getting in your own head or letting the opponent slide their words into your head in the middle of the game. For Kingston Coe, it just so happens he doesn’t let that “fly” on the gridiron.

“My off-season has gone really well. I’ve been working on a lot of things, but mainly improving my press man coverage skills and working with my position coaches on in game situations. I’m ready to showcase my ability to break on the ball and cover any receiver in front of me.” Says Coe.

“I plan to go into this season doing my job as a leader on the field and helping the team as much as possible. As a team, I expect us to have that dawg mentality and prove we’re the best team in our region by winning games.”

Coe has high goals set out for himself and his team this season and he’s expecting them to have that “Dawg” mentality to prove that they are one of the best out there. It takes hard work to be the best or be among the best but Coe and his squad has what it takes without any doubts around the state.

Coe says he enjoys playing the game because it challenges him to improve everyday. One thing about falling Involve with the challenge is that as an athlete you’ll always be prepared because you take on challenges head on every chance you get. That’s exactly what Coe does.

“I enjoy how competitive football is and how it challenges me to improve every day. In training or at a camp, if I mess up a drill or lose a rep, I still want to go back and win. I also love the football community because everyone wants to help you succeed and grow as a person and student athlete.”

“A couple of my individual goals would be to have a breakout year on the field to show I’m one of the best defensive backs  in the class of 2027, start my recruiting process, and have some fun. My team goal would be to make the playoffs and compete for a state championship.” Coe said.

Coe also showed out at the B2C showcase and he enjoyed doing it.

“I had a great day at the B2C showcase. I was one of the top defensive backs competing that day, winning most of my 1v1s. I’ll go back to the lab with my coaches and work on the things I learned from the camp that day.”

This season is going to be a big season for Coe and his teammates. We just know the coaches are thrilled to have a guy like Coe on and off the field.

For Coe, the lights will be bright on Friday nights.

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