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Hard Work Beats Talent  | Cash Watkins

Hard Work Beats Talent  | Cash Watkins

Cash Watkins C/O 2028 QB Dawson County


Some players are full of talent and don’t work hard, some are hard workers with talent but end up on another level due to their hard work.


For Cash, he’s very talented. However, he doesn’t allow his talent to be the only thing that drives him to be great. What drives Watkins to be great is his hard work that he consistently puts in. Watkins spoke on his progress and the fact that he’s no where near satasfied, is simply impressive.


“It’s been going really well, I’ve achieved 167 total offseason hours, with my goal of 300, not including school ball 7v7 and I think the thing that will really separates me from my sophmore year will be my work ethic, i’ve never been the most athletic guy on the field, but obsession will always beat talent, you just have to be patient. I’ve taken my 10 yard split from a 1.92, to a 1.71 in 3 and a half months while adding 2 feet to my broad jump, and my 20.9 inch vertical to a 26.2. I’m truly blessed for the time my trainers have put in with me whether it being early mornings or late nights. This offseason not starting varsity, my whole mindset has been to not be the guy who says “Next year they gone feel me” and then end up making no impact.” It’s all a matter of time before things start to come together.” Says Watkins.


One thing about Watkins is, he’s going to work hard and build on the talent that’s already there. The work ethic that Watkins possesses is certainly primed to carry over into the season.


Watkins says, “This upcoming season is to be the guy who really makes the impact. We lost a lot of really talented seniors and there hasn’t been a single guy to step up so I’m excited to see what we can do and how bad we really want it coming off a shaky year. I’m blessed with one of the best OC’s in the state and I trust him 100% with every play call and every decision, I feel without that relationship, teams don’t have a good turnout.”


“As a team, I think we definitely have the athleticism to compete with teams like GAC and Lumpkin in our region, we aren’t the strongest but if we play Dawson County Football then no game is promised. as an individual, I would like to really step up our passing game, we have been a truly run first team in our whole history, but I feel I have what it takes to step up and make the right decisions when the time comes. I’ve trained with all the top QB trainers in the country, I’ve been tested as one of the most knowledgeable QBS at QBIQ this summer, and im prepared to go to war every friday night with my guys.” Watkins states.


Watkins is expected to be a leader and step up firmly simply because he’s the QB but Watkins looks to take the responsibility on himself and he’s okay with that.


Watkins doesn’t forget who’s there for him and who helps him along the way.


Watkins says, “I would like to shout out Coach J.T. Daniels, and Austyn Carta-Samuels for helping me on my journey!”


Expect Watkins to be a big time leader and a guy who can galvanize his troops.


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