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Embracing Change At Its Finest | Holden Hoopingarner

Embracing Change At Its Finest | Holden Hoopingarner

Holden Hoopingarner C/O 2028 Cartersville

Many players struggle with making a transistion of a new position on the field and for Hoopingarner it’s more than just the gridiron, it’s a new setting. Hoopingarner has stepped in and made the most of his new home as well as his new position.

Hoopingarner says, “As individual it went great, I had an opportunity to come to Cartersville, and become apart of one of the best football programs in the state of Georgia. After mainly playing RB and QB my whole career this year I made the switch to WR which enabled me to start on one of the most EXPLOSIVE offenses in GMSAA. With the outstanding coaching I received, and incredibly talented teammates it made the switch a lot of fun this season.”

It sure helps when you have a tremendous program like Cartersville Purple Hurricanes to go along with all of the changes. However, Hoopingarner has embraced it and made great things happen.

“This past season was AWESOME, as a team it was a very successful one. We played for the GMSAA A-Division championship, and through great coaching and hardworking teammates, we improved collectively as a team. Last year’s 2023 offseason leading up to the 2023 regular season was a challenging one, not only did I have to balance working out and staying in shape, but I also had to work on my home improvement skills as I helped get my parents house ready for our move to Cartersville (lol).” Says Hoopingarner.

Hoopingarner has been lighting it up in 7V7s and is geared up for a great year this upcoming season.

“In reality next season has already started for me, since the 2023 regular season has ended I have had the chance to play in 2 All-Star games. The Southern Exposure Game (SEC) and NYSA All-American Bowl, where I got to showcase my WR skills and Safety on defense. I also was on special teams in the NYSA All-American Bowl where I also had a 30 yard punt return. Now I will start to get into Cartersville’s offseason strength and conditioning program. I will also be participating in Track and Field and continue to improve my ball skills by playing 7on7 football.” Hoopingarner states.

It’s expected at Cartersville to be as great as you can be, that’s just the standard of the program. Hoopingarner fits right in with his potential and ability to adapt and an electric rate. Hoopingarner has high character and a high talent level. You can only expect him to make a impact early on in his career!


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