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Reece Gongwer C/O 2029 DE/LT Buford

Reece Gongwer C/O 2029 DE/LT Buford

Facing New Challenges

Reece Gongwer C/O 2029 DE/LT Buford

Big things in store for Reece Gongwer as he has been working hard this off-season to face new challenges of change and making the most of his opportunities.

“My offseason has been busy with my 2 other sports, competition chess, and football training/lifting. Specifically to football training, it has been very productive so far with another month left. On defense last year, even though I made a lot of plays, I felt I should focus on my speed in the off-season. I’ve worked with a track coach to improve form and speed, which I can definitely tell a difference and expect to make more big plays. On offense I have been focusing on my footwork and hands, to allow me to move others more efficiently. This year is supposed to be a transformational year and I’m working hard to make it a reality.” Says Gongwer.

Players like Gongwer with string work ethics and who have a competitor’s spirit about them always expect alot of themselves especially when they put the work in.

“My mindset entering any season is to do all I can to help the team win. I expect us to win the GFL championship.” Gongwer states.

“I am a true competitor, I love to win. I also love the physicality of tackling and blocking. Lastly, I love my teammates and having shared goals and experiences.”

The goals are always set high at Buford and Gongwer fits right in that system due to his will to work and be great.

Gongwer says, “My personal goals are to continue to be a leader and continue to develop while doing whatever my coaches ask of me. Last year I was new to Buford and showed leadership by my play and actions. This year, I plan to lead by example and be more vocal. My goal for the team is easy – win the GFL Championship.”

“I was invited to attend the Under Armour Next camp series this spring and loved the experience. I will be attending the Ohio State camp and couple others. I am also really looking forward to participating in the Future Stars Game at Clemson University in a couple of weeks.” Gongwer adds.

You can expect big things of Gongwer this next season and it’s safe to say he fits a great program like Buford. Gongwer is a name you will hear a lot in the coming years.



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