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Finding Ways To Improve | Mason Hall

Finding Ways To Improve | Mason Hall

Mason Hall C/O 2028 Armuchee

For Hall, he’s looking to build a foundation of self improvement so he can help his team in the near future.

“Last season I was pretty good. I mostly liked spending time with my friends doing the thing I love most. Unfortunately, we went 1-5 last year and this year we went 2-4.” Hall says.

As many athletes know, you can learn from losses and it’s all about improving from them.

“There’s always time to improve though.” Says Hall.

Hall’s off-season was great for him. Hall says him and his family started going to the gym every morning and Hall noted that he started track.

“Track has helped me get way faster than I was last year. I think this season has been my most favorite season and I balled out. I think next year for my freshman year I need to make sure to stay fit and mainly try my hardest at practice.” Says Hall.

Hall has found the confidence he needs to continue to get better. He’s only going to get better from here due to the simple fact of being able to spot the areas he needs to improve most in and he attacks it.

“As a team we should always be there for each other at all times. We all have had our worst game but I think my main goal is to stay humble.” Says Hall.

Look to hear great things from Hall and his team this next season.

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