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Cannon Robinson C/O 2028 QB

Cannon Robinson C/O 2028 QB

Focusing On The Details 

Cannon Robinson C/O 2028 QB

When a student-athlete is naturally gifted yet chooses to work hard, that’s a true gift and a joy to coach. For Cannon Robinson it’s all in the details of his game and not just the basics. Robinson is focusing on the basics of his game and that’s what’s setting him apart.

“This off-season started late because of an injury that occurred at the end of football season, it was a blessing because I spent more time in the weight room improving my strength and getting my body right for the season. On the field I have focused on improving my off-platform throws and throwing from different arm slots.” Says Robinson.

“I expect to go into the season and master the playbook. i also want to build relationships with my teammates and coaches. Our team is really talented and i hope that we can make a great run in the playoffs.”

Student-athletes like Robinson are certainly fun to coach because obviously you still have to coach them up but often times when they are as driven in detail like Robinson, you certainly do not have to worry about them working hard.

Robinson says, “The thing I love most about the game of football is going out and competing with my team against my peers with thrill of winning.”

Robinson is a team guy and it shows. The “thrill of winning” is something many of us tend to lose because we are so focused on moving on. Yes, it’s okay to focus on the next but enjoy the thrill and feeling of winning ball games, after all that’s what makes it fun.

“My goal as an individual is to develop and get better every day mentally and physically. Also help bring a state championship to Westlake. Our teams goal is to win region and the state championship.”

While at the Born To Compete Showcase, Robinson put on a show that helped him stand out along with some other great performers.

Robinson tells us about it, “The B2C event allowed me to compete and showcase my talent against my peers. I felt I did my best during the 1v1 drills. I was able to show my arm strength on the deep ball, the post and go route. I showed good footwork and anticipation while connecting with receivers on my intermediate.”

Robinson is one of the top talents in the 2028 class and he’s going to create a lot of buzz at the quarterback position.

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