Jabari Strader, up and coming names to know | Class 2026

Jabari Strader, up and coming names to know | Class 2026

Minnesota might not be the most renowned state when it comes to producing football prospects. 

While it may not be home to the most blue chip players in the nation, the land of 10,000 lakes still produces some ripe talent.

Class of 2026 athlete Jabari Strader is one of those up and coming names to know.

Playing for Benilde Saint Margaret’s in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota, Strader has been making a name for himself this freshman season.

“I’m really just looking forward to take my game to the next level and competing against the best in my area as well as putting on a show for the people watching,” Strader said. 

His experience playing with the Red Knights thus far has been enjoyable.

“It’s been great,we stay very humble and it’s all about faith, family, and football,” Strader said. “We just hope to get a few more state titles in the coming years.”

BSM won a state championship in 2016. Strader gets to play alongside his friend Nick Kinsey who plays quarterback.

“We are really close,” Strader said. “We hang out a lot and we are very fortunate to go to the same high school and have classes together.

The Kinsey-to-Strader connection could ultimately end up bringing fits to defensive coordinators across the state down the road.

Both were able to gel during the 7v7 season where they played for the Minnesota Hitmen.

“Playing 7s really improved my game a lot,” Strader said. “It made it easier to really see different coverages and how teams run them and how to maybe switch up a release or route depending on how the defense is placed.”

“It also made it easier to work on footwork and what to do in space after the catch. Plus it gave you many looks on who your competition may be when you get into college and hopefully the NFL.”

Strader and his team got to travel across the US in the spring playing in tournaments. 

In the summer, Strader and Kinsey competed in various college camps in their region.

“I went to multiple camps across the midwest with Nick and competed with some amazing athletes,” Strader said. “Nick and I competed against many upperclassman and we held our own to say the least.”

Strader is hoping that establishing himself in high school can lead to other opportunities down the road in his football career.

“My goals this season and just to show up and show out, and do what I need to do to get looks from colleges early and hopefully bring home that state,” Strader said.

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