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The Playmaker Making Plays On And Off The Gridiron | Desmond Williams

The Playmaker Making Plays On And Off The Gridiron | Desmond Williams

Dezmond Williams C/O 2028 Locust Grove 

Last season for Williams as an individual was great. Williams ended every game with at least a sack, and 2 tackles. “I loved every single second of those games that we played.” Says Williams.

“My offseason went well I worked out every single day at a football field near my home town it was hard but I dedicated myself to it. This season as a team for us went great we built a brotherhood with each other, and played our hearts out in each game. This season for us was very fun, we learned as a team that football is all about having fun and working really hard to achieve any goal we wanted during our season. Playoffs came and we fell short to a well prepared and coached group of guys.” Williams said.

Williams made it clear to us that he loves the grind on and off the field with his teammates.

“I love to win games and get a good workout in with the guys. My goal is to play football at the elite level which is the NFL. My play style if I had to compare myself to anyone would be Jalen Cater he is a very talented and physical guy that is hard to block.” Williams stated.

If you learned anything from Williams, you know he is a hard worker and makes tons of plays. Playmakers like Williams works hard in order to make big things happen on the field. Williams does it on and off the gridiron.


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