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Tony Reid Jr | 2028 RB on the Rise

Tony Reid Jr | 2028 RB on the Rise

On The Rise 

Tony Reid Jr 2028 RB Calhoun

When we speak on 2028 running backs in the state of Georgia, your going to have to mention Calhoun’s Tony Reid Jr. The work that Reid Jr. puts in is noticed simply by how he performs. This off-season Reid plans to get better and become a household name.

Reid Jr. says, “It’s been great, I’ve been working on my flexibility and endurance by training with my Dad. I utilize city camps to keep me physical and locomotive. This season the plan is to have a better diet and become slightly leaner to showcase my shiftiness and power with speed.”

We asked Reid what he expects of himself and his team this season playing into a tough classification? “Oh I expect nothing but greatness from my team of athletes and gents I know we’ve become. I expect myself to continue to be a great leader, great example, and a supportive teammate as always.”

It helps to love the game when trying to be great because you can devote more time and effort into your craft. For Reid Jr. it’s all love for the game and he has fun with it at all times!

“I love to make the opposing defense miss me when I’m running the ball and I call it going hunting season when I play defense as linebacker and they don’t see me coming, but mainly to hear my school cheering us on.” Says Reid Jr.

Big goals are set for Reid Jr. for the near future and it all starts now if it’s up to him.

“The goal for me is always to stay humble, be coachable, and develop within the sport within the game. As a team it’s always the best goal to do better than what we did the year before. I think any player should always have the goal to want to succeed in whatever we do but it’s growth for me and any team I play on.”

Tony was named one of the top RB’s at the Born To Compete (B2C) Showcase. He earned that and we asked him his thoughts on his time there.

Reid says, “I think I did good but I’ve always been my hardest critic so I already saw so much more of the little things I need to work on still. One thing publicly I always wanted to say was: I want to give all praise to my God for blessing me with a wonderful Mother who is my everything mentally and spiritually in any sport I’ve ever played in and my Father for installing the grit and toughness in me that I need to keep me level headed at all times.”

“Thank you Mom & Dad” Reid stated.

Reid is going to be a name to remember early on. On and off the field he’s a rising star!

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