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Chris Johnson C/O 2027 Cedartown

Chris Johnson C/O 2027 Cedartown

Learning From Experiences, And Building On Them

Chris Johnson C/O 2027 Cedartown

Sometimes a team, Coach or player must learn from experiences whether it be good or bad. For Johnson and his team, they are taking this off-season to grow from a “bumpy” season which displayed great moments and not so great moments. The old saying is, “it’s not how you start, but how you finish.” Well, for Johnson and his team, it’s not finished.

“Last season was bumpy as a team. There were lots of ups and downs, but in the we came together the best we could. For me, last season was crazy. It started off slow, but every day I worked hard, and it got easier. In the end though, I feel like I let my seniors down.” Says Johnson.

Putting in the work is very important if you’re looking for build on experiences and that’s what Johnson and his team are looking to do.

Johnson says, “During the off-season, I plan to work as hard as I can on getting stronger and faster, so I never have to feel the feeling of my last game again.”

“My plans for next season are to win a state championship, plain and simple.” Johnson clearly stated.

With a mentality to go with awesome game play from a player like Johnson it’s clear to see what differences will be made for the better come this next season. Johnson has been catching traction from colleges picking up an offer from Georgia Southern as of late. Expect more to roll in very soon.

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