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Making A Splash Early | Parker Newell

Making A Splash Early | Parker Newell

Parker Newell 2029 Prince Ave Christian

Improving is a huge part of not only sports but in life. One thing about Newell is he’s working and growing every single day.

“For me, last season went well. I feel like I got some good looks overall of what it looks like in higher level football. I also feel like I improved much over the span of the season.” Says Newell.

Off-seasons as we all know are critical times in order to have high hopes for a great season ahead. For Newell, it’s been focusing on the details that will make him better come fall.

Newell says, “In this off-season I have been focusing on mostly footwork, speed, strength and awareness. I feel that I have improved on all of those things. In the season I thought my team improved very much from the start to the end. We looked like a completely different team come the end of the season. I also feel that we stepped up to bigger and more physical teams and used or team chemistry to affect them since they didn’t  have the same chemistry as us.”

“My plans for next season as a team are to use the chemistry that we built last season and the improvements we all made on ourselves during the off season to build an even better squad. As an individual I plan to build the team together and be a leader for everyone else. I also plan to work even harder at my positions and put in work outside of practice.”

Newell is a player that’s on the rise who’s going to be a name to know very soon as he continues to prove reasons why he’s going to be a name in the state to know. Expect big things from Newell this next season!

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