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Letting Emotions Out On The Gridiron | Paul Mitchell

Letting Emotions Out On The Gridiron | Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell III 2028 OT

Paul Mitchell III is a name that’s on the rise in the state of Georgia. Sooner than later he will be a household name and with the work he’s been putting in, it’ll show as soon as he gets back on the gridiron.

Mitchell says, “I’ve been in the lab working on my technique to make myself better. And I’ve been working with Westlake High School Getting stronger and faster.”

Working on the little details are always “big” if you want to improve on your game and that goes for any position. However, while being on the OL it’s very critical to have precise technique  in order to be very successful for a long time at that position.

“I think Westlake will do well this year and we have a few tough matchups that I think we can overcome and I think we’re a strong to who can make a run to state.” Mitchell says.

“I enjoy football because I can let all anger and frustration out on the field. I also enjoy being apart of a brotherhood within the offensive line.”

One thing that’s important for student-athletes to keep in mind is to always enjoy the game and have fun doing it.

Mitchell has set out some good goals for himself to reach this year and he said it’s a “major” goal for him to reach.

“I have a major goal for myself and it’s to make varsity as a freshman and get some playing time also.” Says Mitchell.

One thing is for certain for the big fella. If Mitchell continues to stay on his grind, working the details and keeping his focus, there will be no doubts from anyone or himself that he can make some noise early on in his young career.

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