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Taking Strides To The Next Level | Gavin Hollum

Taking Strides To The Next Level | Gavin Hollum

Gavin Hollum C/O 2029 QB Prince Ave Christian 


This season was very good for Hollum as he feels he did very well and thought he improved in many areas that will help him be a successful QB.


“I thought I did good! I thought my pocket awareness has really improved! I thought I distrubuted to ball among all of the receivers.” Says Hollum.


For Hollum his past off-season was full of grind and working hard to improve his game and sharpen in all possible areas.


“This off-season has been straight grinding and trying to improve in my part as this team to make this team better! Our team did really good only loosing two games. I thought we stepped up to teams that were bigger and stronger than us and all around made us better!” Hollum says.


Hollum has big plans for himself and his teammates in the near future.


“My plans for myself is to distribute the balls to as many guys and make plays with my legs as much as I can, also wanting to lead the team as best as I can. The plan for my team is to lead them to a undefeated season!” Hollum stated.


With a student-athlete like Hollum, it’s pretty clear that Prince Ave Christian will have a sure leader in the future with Hollum. Hollum is a guy who galvanizes his teammates and helps them become better players by putting them in the best positions to be successful.


Lookout for Hollum.


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