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Tyler Wilson C/O 2028 QB/DB Kennesaw Mountain

Tyler Wilson C/O 2028 QB/DB Kennesaw Mountain

Learning And Applying

Tyler Wilson C/O 2028 QB/DB Kennesaw Mountain

This off-season so far as been a positive one for Tyler Wilson. He’s made strides in area’s of his game that will certainly benefit him during the season.

“My off-season has went very good so far I have improved my accuracy, velocity and my strength.” Says Wilson.

Wilson expects nothing less than good for himself and his team. Wilson is putting in the mental work to prepare for a great season ahead.

“I expect myself to learn all of the plays by the summer. Our team is doing very well right now I expect us to get very far.” Wilson stated.

We always want to know what student-athletes enjoy most about playing the game, for Wilson, it’s simple and that’s what makes the game so special.

“What I enjoy most about playing football is just being able to go out there and throw a ball everyday.”

“My goals are to learn the playbook, Learn from the older guys and Build relationships off the field so that means like going to the field with a couple of receiver’s from our high school.”

Building that chemistry is very important to any sport, repetition and relationships always go a long way once you get into big games deep into playoffs when you have to look to one another to push through.

“I’m really focused on just learning from the QB’s in front of me.” Wilson says.

Now that’s a team player.

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