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Reid Cave | 2030 Wide Receiver | Texas

Reid Cave | 2030 Wide Receiver | Texas

Class of 2030 wide receiver Reid Cave out of Highland Park, Texas is a big fan of the LA Rams’ Cooper Kupp.

The incoming fifth grader tries to emulate the Super Bowl champion a bit in his game. Both are tactical, precise route runners who put a lot of time practicing how their routes are constructed.

For Cave, he had the opportunity to try out his moves at a multitude of 7v7 tournaments for his Texas Epic team this past spring and early summer.

Cave and his 10u team had gone 15-1-1 in fall and winter league play with Texas Epic in the Texas Elite 7on7 circuit.

Texas Epic is lead by coach Don Smith, who was won numerous championships coaching in 7v7 and was named DR7’s Coach of the Year.

“He was my first football coach and taught me the route tree, different releases, etc,” Cave said. “He also pushed me a lot when I was younger to make me the player I am now.” 

In the spring, Texas Epic often times had to play up in the 12u division which was an eye-opening experience for Cave. 

“It was a whole new game: pressing, trash talking, fades,” Cave said. “At first it was overwhelming but then I got used to it.

“It pushed me to get better and practice even more. It also helped having a very experienced quarterback named Luke Meyer.  He could read the defense and give it to the right receiver at the right time.”

As he readies to play tackle football with the Seahawks in Dallas this fall with Texas Epic teammate quarterback Quinn Coady and others, Cave has been grinding to improve his game.

Cave has been taking receiver lessons with Chuck Headen, doing the same drills as him with his coach at Apec with fellow Epic teammates Drew Prine and Henry Hightower. Headen was a former SMU Mustang who is now training for the NFL.

Along with those lessons, Cave has been practicing on his juggs machine and also looking to try some new tools in his skillset.

“I’ve been working on my releases a lot as well,” Cave said. “I have been trying out new releases and am excited to see how effective they are.”

A relentless worker, Cave will continue to be successful in his football career if he keeps the following mindset:

“Someone is always working out there and I know they could come take my spot if I stop,” Cave said. “I hate to lose and always want to run my routes at 100%.”


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